When to Replace a Glass Shower Enclosure

Everyone loves the all-natural look of glass in their shower. However, it’s more vulnerable than you’d think and doesn’t take much to crack. If you catch it when there’s only a crack or chip, you’ll prevent it from breaking in one piece.

If you’ve got a crack or chip, even a small one, we highly recommend preventing, or worse, a severe injury.

Read on to see when to replace the glass shower enclosure.

Rust or Corrosion

Rusting in a glass shower enclosure can cause the glass to become weaker and put the integrity of the entire unit at risk. Corrosion, meanwhile, can cause the pipes, knobs, and fixtures to become weakened over time and create a potentially dangerous situation.

In short, when it comes to rust or corrosion, the best approach is to replace the glass shower enclosure as soon as possible.

Discolored Glass

Discolored glass is one of many signs that it may be time to replace a glass shower enclosure. Over time, glass can become discolored due to hard water spots, scum, and edges which can be difficult to clean. If discoloration cannot be eliminated with regular cleaning, then a new glass shower enclosure should be considered. 

Cracks or Chips in the Door

If there are cracks or chips in the door, then you should replace the enclosure for safety reasons. Glass can splinter and shatter if left untreated, which can cause lacerations to the person using it. Chips and cracks can also leak water, creating a possible issue with water damage and mold in the walls or ceiling.

Please replace the door as soon as possible to avoid further issues. Professional glass installers are recommended for a safe and secure installation. Purchasing a shower enclosure with thick tempered glass is ideal. 

Noisy Creaking Door

If you find that the door is making an unbearable amount of noise when being opened or closed, you should consider replacing the door with a quieter option. This is especially true if the glass shower enclosure is quite old and the hinges or rollers may no longer be in good working condition, resulting in more noise than necessary.

Replacing the door can be a tedious process depending on the enclosure you choose, but in the end, it can be well worth the effort to have peace of mind. In addition to finding a quieter door, you can also choose a more durable option that is designed to last for many years to come. 

If you want to have a new glass shower door, you may seek the help of a residential window glass repair.

Understanding the Glass Shower Enclosure

Replacing a glass shower enclosure is a task that can be pretty time-consuming and costly yet beneficial in the long run. Be sure to compare the cost to the value, assess the current space and the other considerations outlined, and hire a professional if you need help. 

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