What to Know Before Installing a Car Charger in Your Garage

Have you taken a closer look at your car’s charger? Are you curious about the wiring of your garage? One or both of these stories could lead you to install a car charger in your garage.

Installing a car charger is easy, but you must ensure your garage is wired correctly first. Read on to learn what you need to know before starting.

Gather Necessary Supplies

A nationally recognized, standard charger should be selected for safety and durability. This includes a power source such as a breaker box or power outlet. You will need an install kit, typically a steel mounting bracket, wall plate, combination bolts, and parts for wiring the unit.

Make sure the charger meets the requirements for use in your car. You will need a compatible code to charge your vehicle correctly. Some chargers come with a charging cable, while others must buy the line separately.

Lastly, you may need a voltage tester to check that the chargers are working correctly before use. Having all the necessary supplies will make the installation process less stressful.

Finding an Electrician

An electrician will ensure that the charger is installed up to the code. This can be done either by hard-wiring the charger into the home’s electrical panel or independently running a circuit for the charger. Having a knowledgeable electrician do the job is the safest way for the charger to be wired correctly and up to local codes.

An electrician can work with the local energy provider to deliver the required energy output to charge the car safely. Finding an electrician with the proper experience and knowledge is paramount. 

To ensure the best installation of vehicle chargers, consider finding an electrician. With the help of Any and All Electric, they can ensure a safe, adequately installed charging station that functions efficiently.

Electrical System Requirements

It is essential to consider the electrical requirements of the car charger and your garage’s existing electrical setup. This is a crucial step because it will prevent avoidable oversights. This can avoid damage to your car charger and your electrical system.

Start by identifying the input power of the car charger. Check your home’s electrical panel to determine how many amps it can support. You may need to update the electrical panel or install another circuit if the board cannot give the necessary amperage.

Ensure your home’s GFCI protection device is up to code for the charging station you plan to install.  

Consider Safety 

Safety is a crucial factor to consider when installing a car charger in your garage. Before beginning the installation process, you must check your area’s local codes and regulations to handle the device safely.

You should review the instructions included with your device and make sure that you understand the wiring and power requirements before you begin.

Install a Car Charger Today

A car charger is an essential and convenient tool for any responsible driver. It’s important to know what charging cable and power outlet you’ll need for installation.

Make sure to consult a professional for installation, and you’ll be ready to start recharging the batteries in your car. 

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