5 Signs You Need a New Front Door

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or just want to make it more liveable, the importance of curb appeal cannot be overlooked. This term describes how inviting your home looks from the outside.

As such, it should come as no surprise that one of the most important determinants of curb appeal is the front door. Your front door is the focal point of the home.

It has a disproportionate impact on how your home is perceived, and the atmosphere it evokes. If you think it’s time for some home maintenance, these are the essential signs that it’s time for a new door. 

1. Your Door Looks Dated

When it comes to home care, your eyes tell you all you need to know a lot of the time. If your door looks dated, unsightly, and past its best, that’s probably a strong enough sign that you need a new one.

If you need to bring your door into the 21st century, we recommend choosing a composite front door in a contemporary style and color.

Call a door replacement company that can make the switch in a few minutes, and you’ll quickly see what a dramatic difference a new door can make, 

2. Your Door Has Drafts

If you can feel a draft coming from your door, it’s time to call up those replacement services. A draft means that your door is literally costing you money.

It means you are losing heating and air conditioning, and that your home is not energy efficient. Simply upgrading your door can save you huge amounts in heating and cooling bills, so make this a priority. 

3. Your Door Won’t Open Or Close Smoothly

Does your door get stuck whenever you open or close it? If so, you might not need to replace it. There are plenty of simple home maintenance tips that will do the trick, such as oiling the hinges or replacing the screws.

However, this will not work if the reason for your faulty door is that the door has become warped, or your home’s foundation has already settled. In this case, it’s time for a new door. 

4. Your Door Is Visibly Damaged

While the mantra of any home repair enthusiast is “if it’s broken, fix it,” this does not always apply to your front door.

A visibly damaged front door is very difficult to fix, and it is often cheaper to buy a new one. If your door has holes, cracks, or chips in it, now is the time to find a replacement. 

5. Your Door Is a Security Risk

Your front door is the main point of entry into your home. As such, you must ensure that it is secure so that no one can gain access without your permission.

If your door feels brittle, has rusted locks, can easily be opened without a key, or could be knocked down with a good kick, get a new one. When it comes to safety, this is non-negotiable. 

Essential Home Maintenance Hacks At Your Fingertips 

Your front door has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your home. On top of the curb appeal element, your front door is essential for your home’s energy efficiency, running costs, and security.

For these reasons, you should always replace your door when the time is right.

If you’re looking for more essential home maintenance hacks from real experts, we have got you covered. You can check out our comprehensive DIY Tips to find out how to truly turn your house into a home.