5 Carpet Care Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Carpets are both cosy and luxurious. A well-maintained carpet can enhance the look and style of your home. However, carpets require regular care to keep them looking fresh and new. Below is a list of common carpet problems and care tips as suggested by Carpet Cleaning Pros.

Common Carpet Problems

As much as you avoid them, you will face problems with your carpet. Below is a list of the most common carpet problems you may come across:

Colour Fading

No matter how bright your carpet is, it will fade over time and begin to look dull. Exposure to bright sunlight is one of the primary reasons for your carpet’s colour to fade.

Tears, Split Seams, Burns, and Holes

Another common problem with carpets is splits, tears, holes, or burns. If your carpet is not installed properly, the seams between the roles can split. In addition, your carpet can also get holes or burns over a period of time.

Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are a common problem that you cannot avoid at home. If you are a pet owner or have children, it is natural for your carpet to have stains due to spills and other issues.

Indentations and Depressions

Most people have heavy furniture in their homes. When you place heavy furniture on your carpets, it can lead to depressions and indentations. You can place glides below the legs of your furniture or move your furniture regularly to prevent these indentations.

Carpet Odour

Your carpet collects dust, moisture, dirt, and other particles over a period of time. As a result, it may develop a peculiar smell. If you notice a foul odour from your carpet, it is a sign that it needs cleaning.

Five Carpet Maintenance Tips to Keep It Looking Like New

No matter how expensive your carpet is, it will get dirty and look dull with time. Below are five tips to help you keep your carpet clean and looking fresh and new:

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet regularly removes dirt, mould, and bacteria. It also prevents the dirt from eroding your carpet’s backing, damaging fibres, and making them reflect light differently. Vacuum multiple times over every area and in different directions to get all the dirt out. In addition, ensure you use a good vacuum cleaner for your carpet. You can compare models, check out features, and pick one that is most suited for you.

Clean Spills Right Away

You cannot always avoid spills, especially with pets or children at home. While you cannot prevent spills altogether, you can avoid set-in stains that are tough to remove. Ensure you stock up on a few carpet cleaning supplies to clean spills immediately. Avoid rubbing the stains when cleaning. Just blot them. Below are a few tips to tackle spills on your carpet:

  • Use a spoon or blunt knife to remove as much as possible if the spill has solid material like rice, cereal bits, or pasta.
  • Add water and use a blotting action to pull up the stain.
  • Use the highest suction setting on your vacuum to remove spills. You can also use water if necessary.
  • Use spot removers approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.
  • Test carpet cleaning products on a small area in the corner if you are using them for the first time

Ensuring you clean spills immediately will prevent stains from setting in and will keep your carpet looking like new for longer.

Avoid Shoes on the Carpet

Shoes bring a lot of dirt, debris, and stains into your home. If possible, avoid shoes on your carpet. You can even keep cosy house slippers for yourself, your family, and guests if they are uncomfortable walking around without shoes when they come.

Clip Snags

You may notice sprouts and snags in your carpet as it ages. It can be tempting just to pull these snags. But this could damage the carpet further. Instead, ensure you clip the snags with a cutter or scissors and don’t pull them. Clipping the snags will improve your carpet’s appearance without damaging it. However, you must be careful not to cut or clip other areas.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Hire a professional carpet cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Pros to clean your carpets regularly and keep them looking new. They have years of experience in professional carpet cleaning and offer a range of services like carpet cleaning, pet odour and urine treatments, and carpet moth treatments.