Why Should You Use Shade Cloth in Your Garden?

Are you thinking of using a shade cloth for your garden? In recent times, weather patterns have become quite unpredictable and inconsistent, which has led to extremely dry and hot summers and freezing winters. If you have a green thumb and love to nurture your garden, chances are you are looking for a tool that can help you to maintain a healthy and flourishing garden. As a gardener, you must have come across a shade cloth and wondered how it can help in your case.

A shade cloth is a white, black, green, or coloured polyethylene fabric treated with UV protection. It is either knitted or woven loosely or tightly, and the density changes according to the light transmittance level ranging from 30% to 90%. The percentage range depends on the blocking capacity of light. A shade cloth can protect your garden from the direct radiation of the sun and prevent your plants from getting sunburnt. On a lighter note, it can work exactly like sunscreens on humans. You can visit vendas.com.au to find out more about different types of shade cloth and what is suitable for your setting.

Temperature Regulation

Shade cloth can help to regulate the temperature in gardens by providing a shield from direct sunlight. This way, you can prevent excessive heat from building up during sweltering summer days and protect your plants from extreme heat and stress. They can also reduce excessive water evaporation from the soil.

Sun Protection

A garden shade cloth can filter sunlight and reduce the intensity of UV rays that are capable of damaging delicate plants, trees, foliage, and fruits. You can have healthier and stronger plants as a shade cloth can prevent leaf scorching and sunburn.

Reduced Watering Needs

Since water evaporation from the soil will be taken care of by blocking intense sunlight, you can expect less frequent watering for your plants. Your plants will automatically require less water which can help you to save on irrigation costs and conserve water.

Frost and Cold Protection

Not only in hot summers, but a shade cloth can also help to protect your plants by acting as a barrier against chilly and frost temperatures. It can trap the heat that is closer to the ground and create a micro climate that can act towards shielding sensitive and delicate plants against freezing weather conditions.

Pest and Animal Control

You can also use a shade cloth to protect your garden from pests, rodents, and insects that can be unforgiving towards your plants and trees and even feed on your crops. It can instantly act as a barrier for animals like birds and rabbits that might have access to your garden otherwise.

Consistent Plant Growth

As the sunlight will be diffused by your shade cloth, it will automatically translate to a more even distribution of natural light in your garden. This can promote uniform and even plant growth by minimizing the risk of uneven shades that often lead to stunted growth in some areas.


You can find shade cloth of various densities, which can allow you to choose the level of shade that will perfectly suit your unique garden setting. The versatility in the density of shade cloth makes it adaptable to different conditions, plant types, and specific garden needs.

Prolonged Growing Season

As you protect your plants from extreme weather conditions, you can naturally expect an extended growing season for your garden. Unlike traditional timings, you can choose to grow your crops in late fall or early spring, depending on your preference.

Protection for Delicate Seedlings

Growing seedlings need delicate handling and nurturing environment to grow and flourish. A shade cloth in your garden can prevent the growing seedlings from becoming stressed or damaged from excessive heat or cold.

Sunburn Prevention for Tree Trunks

Young and growing tree trunks are susceptible to damage and death due to excessive sunburn. You can wrap a shade cloth around their trunks and bark to protect them from the scorching heat.

If you stay in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions or the weather patterns have become a little more inconsistent, your garden can benefit from a shade cloth. You can install and remove shade cloth easily and seamlessly, which makes it very user-friendly. Moreover, you can also play around with different types of shade cloth according to size, light transmission levels, and colours to find out what works best for your garden.

For instance, black and green shade cloth is good for growing lettuce, tomatoes, turnips, and squash, and white shade cloth can be great for apple and guava trees. You can get in touch with a reliable garden shade cloth installer near you so that they can analyze your property and provide you with a high-quality shade cloth according to the structure of your garden and its unique needs.