Find the ultimate guide to showcasing the properties online

We saw the days when real estate agents would organize an open house and advertise on the bus boards and billboards in the local area for people to visit.

But, things have gradually changed, thanks to the advent of the internet – though COVID times also played a crucial role in the massive shift in real estate’s marketing strategies.

People are more interested in scrolling through the properties online before deciding to move ahead with some. Honestly, that saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. However, what else can the business do to attract a quality crowd? Let’s get into the details right away!

The Viral Virtual

Real estate agents have become more creative when showcasing their properties. Many of them have even gone viral on social media platforms too.

Have you seen a recent video where a man just jogs through the property right from the entrance to the very last room of the house that has breathtaking visuals?

This video might not seem intriguing to some, but many millennials and GenZ people find it attractive and crisp. The visuals are quick, so the decision is astute if they like it within a minute!

The power of virtual tours

As mentioned, real estate has had a massive transformation in just a few years. Real estate agencies and agents are now investing in virtual tours that provide a dynamic experience rather than offering a couple of pictures with textual descriptions.

A virtual tour offers a comprehensive view of the property. The audience can understand the layout better and spatial dimensions, overall ambience and structure’s blueprint. It allows the buyer a greater sense of clarity and can make wiser decisions for any renovations/changes in the property.

How to come up with the best virtual tour, you ask?

It depends on your ideas, budget and how you wish to reach your audience. Though there are numerous types to choose from, we’ll be exploring the four famous kinds today,

1. Guided Tours:

These can be pre-recorded or live-streamed through social media platforms. Here an agent walks through the property by highlighting its best features and answers some FAQs. Live streams can also help answer questions in real-time!

2.  Virtual reality:

VR isn’t just in gaming anymore – you can now experience VR in many industries. It gives the viewer a hyperrealistic experience and allows them to have productive propositions – in case they’re interested.

3. Interactive Plans:

The audience here gets a birds-eye view of the property, enabling them to decide on the layout.

4. 360-Degree View:

These videos have become most predominant, especially on YouTube. The viewer gets complete control over which way to look and can navigate through the layout by zooming in and out and exploring seamlessly.

What are the best practices for creating compelling virtual tours?

Here are some factors to consider to create an attractive tour,

1. Visual Quality:

Since it’s a virtual tour, you need to be cautious of the grade of visuals. The higher the quality is – the better the user experience. Invest in quality camera equipment or hire a professional.

2. Smooth Transition:

The tour should be easy to navigate while being pleasing to the eyes. Quick changes and jump cuts will only hinder the overall experience.

3. Highlight the Right Things:

As a professional, you know each property’s USP (Unique Selling Point). So, don’t run around the bush before showcasing the USP. Instead, head to it first and then showcase the next best things.

4. Mobile Optimization:

Do you know? More than half of online interactions happen using mobile these days. So, make sure your content aligns with the smartphone interfaces. It will enhance your reach to a greater audience.

5. Email Marketing:

It’s another best way to interact with the right people. Personalizing it makes it even better – the audience loves when they get personal attention. Send offers, invites and informative emails regularly and observe a quality flow of business coming back at you! Find their emails using AI-powered tools like This email finder can help you on platforms like LinkedIn, Salesforce and Gmail!

6. Clear CTA’s:

Whether it’s an email or a social media post, you’ve got to have an explicit Call-To-Action so the viewer can click on the next step. Let them know if you want them to contact the agent for more information or schedule a virtual tour instead.

7. Interactive Segments:

A tour is incomplete without an oomph factor. Add some easter eggs like pop-up information or interactive floor plans to make your tour experience stand out in the crowd.

Virtual tours are here to stay!

Virtual tours are not just the future of real estate but have become an active part of the property buying-selling business. It’s easy for buyers to skim through different properties without any awkward small talk. Virtual tours also filter the clients for the sellers, and the ones who approach will only be serious buyers. Moreover, there is a bright chance of attracting international buyers for the properties, creating opportunities for the agencies and agents.