Seven Indoor Water Features Ideas to Boost the Beauty of Your Home

Every homeowner wants to beautify their home, and no one can say no to a home improvement project that brings them closer to nature. Even after knowing about the benefits of spending time in nature, many people are unable to make time to connect with nature due to busy lifestyles.

In such times, people consider fruitful endeavors such as adding water features to their homes to boost the value of their property along with several other benefits. Once you make up your mind to add a water feature to your home, the only question that remains is about choosing the right option.

Here are some of the best water feature ideas that can help beautify your home.

Indoor Water Fountains

It can be hard to come across an ideal modern home shown in magazines and TV shows without an eye-catching indoor water fountain. They have become all the rage among trendsetters and can help you transform the looks of your yard.

From wall fountains to free-standing water fountains, many water features can seamlessly be incorporated into your home. They are available in different sizes, colors, and designs to suit the needs and aesthetic sense of every homeowner.

In addition to beautifying your home, indoor water features can also help you focus better, sleep peacefully, and improve indoor air quality.

Bubbling Water Fountain

Bubbling water features are a great home addition, especially for someone who likes to meditate and relax. The sound of flowing water can take away all the stress from your shoulders, even on the worst or most challenging days.

Bubbling water fountains are also visually very appealing. It can be a compact yet relaxing natural element of your home that is best suited for outdoors. You can consider having professional help on board to ensure the best placement position.

In addition, you can beautify your water fountain another way by adding fish to this feature. Goldfish can be the most suitable choice for outdoor water features because it eats away the larvae and protects your home against mosquitos.

Miniature Ponds

If you are willing to take up a challenge to boost the looks and value of your home, you may want to consider adding a miniature pond to your home. Miniature ponds can be a great option for homeowners thinking about ways to beautify their yards.

First, it is important to choose the pond size for your pond. According to experts, the ideal size for an average ecosystem pond should be at least 24” deep, with a few shallow shelves for plants and other considerable additions.

If you are considering creating a koi pond, you may want to go 36” or 48” deep. Deeper pools can add depth to your backyard and also give your fish to run to the deeper end in case a predator threatens their safety.

Statue Water Fountain

Water features statues can help you add a vintage look to your home. Made with different materials such as bronze, copper, steel, and aluminum, the statues can decorate your yard in an unmatchable way.

Since the statues can be created according to your vision, they can be the best addition to make your home unique. It can become a focal point and a conversation piece of your home.

Bird Baths

Avid bird natures are always looking for opportunities to get closer to the local wildlife. If you are also awe-struck by the beauty of beautiful birds, inviting them to your yard can sound like a brilliant idea. Many homeowners consider bird feeders for this very reason.

Unfortunately, a bird feeder can have more disadvantages than benefits for your property and the local birds. They can be very messy and may invite unwanted guests to your doorstep. You can cut down on such hassle by considering a bird bath for your property.

Bird baths can be one of the most effective ways of connecting your home to nature. Your home can become a safe haven for local birds. You can also enjoy the added benefit of boosting the curb appeal of your home.

You can maximize the protection of birds by ensuring that the water levels never exceed 3 inches to prevent birds from drowning. You can place pebbles and stones at the bottom to take control of the depth of your bird bath.

Water Garden

Water is one of the most crucial components of a garden, especially in the Buddhist tradition. Instead of rocks and gravel, water can help you attain peace and contemplate without any distractions. A water pond can help you find peace even on the hardest days.

As the Buddhist teachings continue to inspire millions across the world, you cannot overlook their teachings regarding the importance of water features on your property. Aligned with the right stones, a Japanese water garden can boost the beauty and value of your property.

One important factor you must ensure is that you create a Japanese Garden only in a quiet corner of your yard. Even the water in your garden should not be rushing. You can add other plants and rocks to create a serene environment outside your home, along with bamboo and bonsai trees.


One of the biggest misconceptions among many homeowners is that waterfalls are only an outdoor project. If you have a knack for being creative, waterfalls can also be integrated as an indoor feature for your home. Either option can be customized according to individual needs. 

Whether you consider a water feature indoors or outdoors, you can look for options with or without a pond below as per your preferences. Remember that the process can be tricky. Hence, you may want to consider hiring a professional for the installation process.

An expert can also help you decide on the best placement options and teach you the best maintenance tips. You can also get your concerns addressed and ensure that this can enhance the beauty of your yard in the best way.