Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wire Cage Panels

There are many reasons why you may be looking to purchase and install wire cage panels for your industrial space, commercial space, or warehouse. These types of panels can be used to store expensive tools, helping to prevent theft. These panels can also be used to help create office space, separating supervisors, managers, or those who need to complete paperwork from the actual warehouse floor itself. Regardless of why you are purchasing them, you may be unsure of what factors you need to consider. Here are three of the most important factors to keep in mind if you’re shopping for wire cage panels. 

How Many Panels You Need

The first thing that you need to consider as you go about purchasing wire cage panels is the size of the panels and how many panels you need to purchase. This will vary based on the setup in your space and the shape of the cage you’re looking to create. You may only need two or three panels if you plan on using one or two walls that already exist and building a cage incorporating those walls. Or you may need six or eight panels if you’re looking to create a hexagon- or octagon-shaped cage. 

The Type of Metal and Gauge of Metal Used

Another important element to consider when you’re purchasing wire cage panels is the type of metal the wire cage is made from, and the thickness, or gauge, of that metal. Aluminum is usually the cheapest, but it is easy to cut or bend. Steel is more durable, but costs more. Consider how you plan on using the cage and how much security you need, as this can influence the type of metal and the thickness of metal that is ideal for your setup. 

If The Metal Is Coated

The final factor that you need to keep in mind as you shop for wire cage panels is whether the metal on the panel is coated. It may be coated in a clear coat or powder coated. Being coated helps to protect the metal from rusting or corroding, which is important if your space is humid, damp, or moist. The type of coating affects how you can clean the panel and if the wire cage may need to be re-coated in the future. 

Wire cage panels aren’t something that the average person buys many times in their life. As such, you may be unsure of what factors you need to pay attention to, to help ensure that you find the best panels for your needs. Paying attention to elements such as the size of the panels, the number of panels you need, the type of metal and its thickness, and whether the metal is coated can help you to select the panels that are ideal for your needs.