How to Hire the Right Solar Energy Contractor for Your Home

Imagine money going into your pocket every time the sun starts to shine. With a home solar system, it’s possible! It’s important to choose experienced solar installers to make sure the panels are properly in place.

There are nearly 11,000 solar panel installation businesses in the US, though. Not sure how to narrow down your options? Read on to find your solar energy contractor today!

Experienced Solar Installers

While there are thousands of solar installation companies to choose from, some are newer to the industry than others. Prioritize finding experienced solar installers. These teams are less likely to make costly mistakes when working on your property.

Determine how long each company has operated locally. For example, you can find El Cajon solar services here. Ask how many home solar systems they’ve installed within that time.

Gauge their level of expertise by asking about their process. If they struggle to answer your questions about solar energy, keep searching.

An experienced solar installer will have an efficient process they follow to save you valuable time. If it’s their first time installing panels, keep searching. 

Solar Installation Credentials

Look into each company’s credentials before hiring an installation team. Confirm that they’re licensed and insured. Ask if they have both worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. 

A licensed company has the necessary training and credentials to install your panels. An insured company won’t hold you accountable if there’s an accident. You’ll have peace of mind after choosing a licensed, insured team. 

A Strong Reputation

Learn more about each company on your list by reading online client reviews. Check:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Google Business
  • Yelp

Look for a company with glowing five-star reviews. Check for comments about their professionalism and responsiveness. These teams are more likely to meet your needs and expectations.

Determine if the company offers a guarantee. Will they return if there’s a problem with your solar panels? A team that will return cares about their customers. 


Ask each company about their current availability. Determine how long installing solar panels onto your roof will take. If the company is juggling too many projects at once, they may cut corners or fail to meet your deadline. 


Ask three local solar installation companies for a quote. Consider how they determine their pricing. Most quotes will include the home solar system and labor.

Look for companies that provide customers with options. They’re more likely to meet your needs. 

Requesting multiple quotes can help you determine the average cost of installation services. If one company charges higher than the rest, question why.

Hire Your Solar Energy Contractor Today

Don’t rush to hire the first solar installation team you call. Instead, use these tips to find the best solar energy contractor in the area. Finding an experienced, knowledgeable team will give you peace of mind.

They’ll install your solar energy system without causing damage. 

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