How to Tell If Your Big House Is Too Big

Is there such a thing as a house being too big?

At some point, almost everyone dreams of owning a huge house. That’s why pictures of sprawling mansions are so appealing to the eyes. With such a big house, you can host all your friends and family and have endless fun.

Then, your dream came to pass. You acquired a big house and started living the life of your dreams. And now you’re here wondering whether that same house is too big.

Well, how things change! But instead of second-guessing, there are telltale signs to look out for when you think you have an unnecessarily big home.

You Have Not Been to Some Rooms for a Minute

It’s not out of the ordinary to not visit some rooms in your house for a while. If you live with grown kids or adult relatives, you may avoid visiting their bedrooms because you don’t want to invade their privacy.

However, if there are no privacy issues or other issues like renovation, and you haven’t been to some rooms, there is a good chance your house is too big.

It’s not uncommon for a house that was previously good-sized for you to feel bigger when kids move out to start their own families. Home downsizing is super common among parents whose kids have left the nest.

Going to Some Rooms Takes Too Much Work

Going downstairs to grab some food can feel like too much work sometimes, especially if you have another kitchen upstairs. This is normal.

But if you’re constantly feeling like getting to those rooms takes too much work (like walking down a long hallway to get to a home office) that you’d rather not do, we’ve news for you! Your home likely needs downsizing!

Property Taxes Are Piling Up

Having empty, or rarely-visited rooms is no cause for alarm for most homeowners. That’s the nature of life. Sometimes the house will be full of people and stuff; other times it will be quiet and almost empty.

However, if those signs aren’t enough to get you to act, a clearer sign will come from where you least expect: the tax office.

Homeowners must pay property taxes, depending on the local tax rate and the property’s assessed value. If you’re starting to feel that the property tax bill isn’t consistent with your use of the home, it’s certainly too big.

If you were paying $1,000 in property taxes when the family home housed five of your kids, fair enough. But continuing to pay the same amount when all the kids have left can feel excessive. It’s a call to downsize, and you need to heed it!

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Big House

If you’re seeing any of these signs, it’s clear you have a big house. Whether it’s a family home or a vacation residence, a time comes when less is more! You can put it on the market and move to a smaller, more intimate home that suits your new lifestyle.

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