Why Live in 55-Plus Communities in Las Vegas?

Like much of the American population, your lifelong dream is probably to retire with a significant other in a community bursting with like-minded individuals with whom you can engage in activities that will fulfill you both intellectually and emotionally. Do you want to live in a safe neighborhood that boasts homes larger than the national average, populated by highly educated people interested in the same passions as you? Do you want to be surrounded by high-class amenities that span from swimming pools to shopping centers, restaurants, and golf courses? In that case, you must go for 55-plus communities in Las Vegas.

Although it’s known for its lush nightlife, its world-renowned entertainment venues, and the countless opportunities for luxurious dining, Vegas is also, surprisingly to some, one of the best cities in our country if you’re interested in financial stability and quiet living. Although its famous Strip is synonymous with rowdy nights and opulent casinos, going a couple of miles away from the center of the city will let you discover countless gated communities where the priority is the safety and tranquility of the residents. Such communities, such as Sun City, Summerlin, are characterized by attention to detail, lower-than-average HOA fees, and a below-national-average crime rate.

Are you interested in buying a home in a gated community? Then, you are making a wise decision that will be synonymous with the financial well-being of your family. The median list price of homes for sale in gated communities in Henderson or Summerlin is about $500,000, a value that is still increasing. Chances are, the property you buy today will be worth significantly more in a few years. The Vegas real estate market is rising, personal development opportunities are everywhere, and with patience, you can make this city the catalyst for your success. 

What Are the Benefits of Age-Gated Communities? 

Are you curious about the advantages of 55-plus communities in Las Vegas? Then you wouldn’t be alone. Every year, the number of homes built in these types of neighborhoods increases, and with them, so do the average prices of real estate listings. Why do people choose to live here? A couple of reasons. First, nationally, the number of people reaching retirement age has risen significantly over the last few decades. The American population is aging, and a good portion of individuals decide to settle in cities with great weather and top-notch infrastructure, like Vegas.

55+ neighborhoods feature amenities designed to meet the subjective needs of individuals past their prime. These amenities differ by community, but they can be fitness centers, restaurants, shopping centers, ballrooms, or even golf courses. What you won’t find in these types of locations are nightclubs or late-night bars. Gated senior-living communities are built around social interaction between residents, and people who purchase a home here have ample opportunities to bond with neighbors or other community members.

Outdoor activities, group games, trivia nights, and day trips are all part of the package of living in a gated senior living community. Moreover, 55-plus communities have the advantage of being shielded from the rest of the city and offer maintenance services for a reasonable price. From lawn care to general room cleaning, homes in these types of communities are stress-free and are an ideal solution for residents who want to enjoy the American suburban lifestyle without the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner.

Why Not Go for Something More Central? 

Las Vegas

Are you a bit too young for 55-plus communities? Do you want to buy a property that is guaranteed to give you a positive ROI in just a few years? In that case, one of the best ideas you can have would be to buy an apartment in a high-rise complex like the famous Panorama Towers. Why go for a condominium in such a location? Value for money and views. Do you want your time in Vegas to mean something, be close to the heart of the action, and interact with famous people who can help you in your business pursuits? If so, going for a condo in a high-rise tower will be an all-time great decision.

High-rise buildings are characterized by their proximity to the best attractions in the city, offer a superb panorama of the Nevada landscapes, are filled with luxury amenities, and offer enhanced security for their esteemed guests. Moreover, buying an apartment in a luxury condo hotel will be a wise financial decision that will bring you countless economic benefits. LV is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and this is mainly due to the hospitality industry. Do you want to buy a condo in a luxury high-rise building and rent it out? Then, at $350 per night for 80% of the year, your 50/50 end-of-the-year revenue will be $52,500, which is no small sum.

What Attractions Are There Near the LV Strip? 

Las Vegas is visited annually by more than 40 million people, many being attracted by glittering lights, rowdy nights, and high-end casinos. Are you part of them? In that case, you shouldn’t miss the famous fountains of the Bellagio Casino or the world-renowned canals of the Venetian. Are you looking for something even more impressive? In that case, you shouldn’t miss the newly-built LV Sphere at Paradise, west of the Strip, which has the largest exterior screens of any building in the world. Do you want to have fun and see the pinnacle of motorsport in action? In that case, you will want to get front-row access to the annual F1 race.

But what if you are on the lookout for something a bit more interactive? In that case, you should visit the Neon Museum, attend a show at Absinthe in Ceasers Palace, see a Cirque de Soleil production, and end your evening with a glorious meal at Hofbraunhaus. Vegas has something for everyone, regardless of interest or budget. Do you want to experience the creativity specific to the American spirit? Then, you can experience the performances and shows available at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Do you want to feel like you’re on top of the world? Then, you ought to visit the Skyfall Lounge. Everything is possible in Vegas, and the only limit is your imagination.

A Place for All Your Subjective Requirements

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is internationally recognized due to its gambling industry and the countless entertainment venues that are available throughout the city. But at the same time, Vegas is also an excellent location in which to settle down and organize your long-term living. Why is that? Primarily because of the climate. Vegas has pleasant year-round weather and is ideal for people trying to get away from the humid environment specific to some regions of the United States. Secondly, Vegas, despite being one of the most developed cities in the US, is still affordable and offers a multitude of job opportunities for people looking to try a new work path.

From the hospitality industry to IT or services, the Vegas job market is developed and offers higher wages and benefits than other American cities. Moreover, Nevada is a state that does not levy income taxes, which can be beneficial for residents who want to invest in businesses without worrying about their financial stability. On top of that, specific neighborhoods in Vegas are some of the safest areas in the US, and the natural landscape that surrounds the city offers countless opportunities for exploration. Vegas is a great place to live, and every year, the number of people making the plunge to the opportunities provided by its boulevards gets larger and larger.