Enjoy Your Patio All Year Round With These Outdoor Living Space Ideas

On average, we spend around 14 hours outside each week, especially in our yards, so it makes sense to cultivate the ultimate space. 

Designing the perfect outdoor area is a great way of boosting your property’s resale value and carving out a space where you can unwind with loved ones. But, if you’re not confident with design, it can feel overwhelming knowing what does and doesn’t work. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want an outdoor space that you can enjoy 24/7 and are searching for a dash of inspiration.  

Sounds like you? No worries, we’re here to help. Here’s how to design an outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year round. 

Invest in Weatherproof Furniture 

Weatherproof furniture ranks highly on a list of patio essentials.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on elegant pieces, only to find that they mold or rust after being exposed to the elements. Instead, find furniture that is made from steel, teak, or wicker as it will last years. And, if you’re worried about its lifespan, throw a sheet over the furniture when it snows or rains.

Once you’ve set up the furniture, layer blankets and cushions to create a cozy space. If you don’t have a strict theme, it’s wise to go with natural shades like beige and add a splash of color with an area rug.   

Create an Outdoor Kitchen 

Outdoor kitchens are in huge demand, making them a must if you’re selling. But even if you’re not, it’s a great way to bring your loved ones together and grill up a storm. To get started, grab your grill from a reputable company like elitepatiodirect.com and you’ll be spoiled by the extensive selection. 

Add a Fire Pit 

There’s no better way of welcoming the cooler months than by huddling around a fire pit on your outdoor patio. The beauty is you can choose between having a fixed fireplace or a movable one that you can store during the summer months. But make sure you bring it out during Fall when you and your favorite people can tell ghost stories while toasting marshmallows.  

Install a Hot Tub

It’s no surprise that one of the best outdoor living space ideas is installing a hot tub. Not only can you find one that aligns with your yard’s design, but it offers stress-relieving benefits and is a great way to soothe aching muscles after a workout. Plus, you can always have a soak even in the coldest of spells. 

Add a Water Feature 

Homeowners who are running out of outdoor patio ideas should consider adding a water feature to their space. These are popular because the sound of running water is relaxing, especially on a summer’s day. And if you’re worried about plumbing, find one that has “plug and play” in the description as it’s simple to set up.   

Lay Down an Outdoor Rug 

No outdoor living space design is complete without a funky area rug. Make sure you find one that’s suitable for the outdoors so that it’s durable. These work best on a patio or deck space, especially if you’re lacking color or visual intrigue in your design.    

Illuminate the Space With Lighting 

Create a cozy atmosphere by installing lights in your outdoor space.

Most homeowners choose festoon lights because they withstand the elements while creating a relaxing ambiance. You should also invest in solar lights to illuminate pathways and even string lights to surround your outdoor living area. Plus, designers suggest uplighting trees for a dramatic feel.  

Create a Dining Space

You’ve got a designated outdoor living room for lounging, but where will you eat? 

If you have the space, create a dining area where you can share your favorite dishes with loved ones. It’s wise to cover the area with an awning or pergola so that you’re protected, regardless of whether it’s a sunny or rainy day.  

Decorate Your Yard for Every Season 

Another way to embrace your yard all year round is by decorating it, depending on the season. For instance, decorate the space with pumpkins in Fall and serve Thanksgiving dinner on the patio when it’s crisp. And, in the lead-up to the Holidays, you could add a Christmas tree in the dining space, complete with non-breakable ornaments. 

Build an Outdoor Bar

Fancy a tipple? Then, build an outdoor bar where you can socialize on the weekend. 

But make sure you offer a range of boozy and non-alcoholic drinks so that every guest is hydrated and happy. You can also go the extra mile by following a theme, such as transforming the space into a beach bar, complete with tiki torches. 

Give Your Outdoor Space a Focal Point

Another great way to elevate your outdoor space is by creating a focal point. The beauty is you can choose what it is, whether it’s a tree or a grand dining table. You could even invest in a unique sculpture that instantly draws your guests’ attention.  

Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space Today 

Hopefully, you’re now ready to create the perfect outdoor living space for your loved ones. 

There are many ways you can do this, such as installing a fire pit or creating an outdoor kitchen where you can have BBQs all year round. Homeowners should also consider building a bar and illuminating the space with solar-powered lighting. Good luck with your design adventure! 

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