The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Backyard Patio Simple

It has been a long winter, and we’re willing to bet you’re chomping at the bit to get outside. Did you know that spending just an hour outdoors each day can lower blood pressure, boost your mood, improve the quality of your social interactions, and reduce your stress level?

What if you could harness these benefits without even changing out of your pajamas?

The best backyard patio makes such luxury possible. If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home and your life, it’s time to consider building an open-air gathering space. Patios can range from large outdoor living rooms to tiny bistro corners, making them an attainable goal for any space.

We’ve created this guide to help you decide which type of patio is perfect for your home. Read on to learn about your options and start enjoying the weather!

Types of Patios

The different types of patios available are nearly infinite, as homeowners frequently combine unique styles with a range of diverse construction materials. For example, there’s Trueline’s louvered patio design, which can open and close at the touch of a button. The kind of patio you choose will depend on what you hope to do in the space and whether you wish to use it seasonally or all year long.

You will select materials that complement the unique style of your home, which will impact the final look of your stunning outdoor space. Patio materials can range from clay bricks and concrete to stone slate or tile.

In general, there are four popular patio styles: dining patios, living room patios, bistro patios, and sundeck patios.

Dining Patios

A dining patio provides an outdoor space to enjoy a meal and must be large enough to fit a dining table and chairs. Homeowners usually place them near an entrance to their home to make bringing food in and out easier. An outdoor canopy is an excellent addition to an al fresco dining patio.

Living Room Patios

An outdoor living room usually contains comfortable outdoor furniture, such as weatherproof couches and chairs. Building a firepit, outdoor fireplace, or another aesthetic heat source into your living room patio is a cozy way to enjoy your outdoor room year-round.

Bistro Patios

A bistro patio is ideal for a small outdoor space. They’re usually only large enough to house a small table and one or two chairs. Think of them like an outdoor breakfast nook, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and read the paper.

Sundeck Patios

A sundeck patio is an uncovered outdoor space, which may be ideal if you have a backyard swimming pool. Homeowners love to set up chaise lounges or other relaxing outdoor furniture on their sundecks.

Choose the Best Backyard Patio

Homeownership is an accomplishment, and you deserve to enjoy every single part of your new home, indoors and out. Choosing the best backyard patio for your space gives you more options for work and play. You’ll enjoy the weather and the view as you lounge and relax in your perfect residential patio.

Your backyard patio is also the perfect place for a smart homeowner to read up on more DIY projects. This is the ideal time to plan what you’ll tackle next. Browse the rest of the blog for more posts that will help inspire your next home improvement project.