Best Ideas for Restaurant Outdoor Design

The visual appeal of a business can be the biggest driver behind its success. It doesn’t matter whether you own a swimming pool, a casino, a big playground, or a restaurant. The rules apply all the same. You need to invest the money to make your business eye-catching.

In this article, the focus is going to be on outdoor restaurant designs. Indoor designs are more about careful arrangement and organization than pure visual appeal. Outdoor design is a different story. Let’s check some of the most popular ways to transform your restaurant into a thing of beauty.


Any outdoor piece of land can become even better looking by investing money in a good patio. They offer an extra place for customers to relax and enjoy the day. Patios can be used differently, for example, as outdoor dining areas. Fiberglass planters and luxurious furniture are essential considerations when planning your patio design. 

Use Commercial Umbrellas

Umbrellas are becoming more and more commonplace in the service industry. Restaurants, cafés, and swimming pools must use them to ensure customers’ safety during turbulent weather. These items can also be a great design choice for your business. Depending on how you set them up, your commercial umbrellas should have a nice mixture of colors, shapes, and logo design. Position them to let customers have the right amount of sunlight and shade simultaneously..

Install a Rooftop with An Outdoor Dining Space

This one requires a bit more creativity. A rooftop area should be inviting with a lot of furniture thrown in for good measure. Encourage customers by including pillows and comfortable sofas. The last thing to add is a dining option for everyone; it makes your rooftop area a place full of fun and attraction. 

Include a Wide Variety of Furniture Options

This applies to anything from swing chairs to hommocks. There’s also the option of installing daybeds to add a sense of magic to your restaurant. Sofas are also good. Worth mentioning again is the inclusion of commercial umbrellas where appropriate.

Build a Sidewalk Seating

This mostly applies when your restaurant is in a place where there is a high amount of traffic. There’s no need to make the sidewalk bigger than it needs to be, but you must make it wide enough for large numbers of people. 

The view these sidewalks provide can transform your business by offering customers a unique experience. The sidewalk seating should include a good amount of decoration and furniture variety to make things worthwhile. A good rule of thumb is to have three serving tables in front of the main door to the restaurant and behind it.

Use a Nice Design for Your Restaurant

Investing money in having the right color contrast between your seats, tables, and the building where people are sitting can pay dividends. 

The nice design layout considers everything mentioned before, like installing a rooftop, having the right patio, installing sidewalk tables, and putting the right number of umbrellas with the correct designs in their place. 

You also need to have your restaurant’s walls, exterior, and interior in good shape, meaning that you study your surroundings and figure out the best colors for your business. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Bright colors with a mix of gray work well in most environments
  2. Sunny environments demand cool colors
  3. Avoid using black at all costs
  4. Yellow and orange are also a nice mixture if you’re somewhere with little sunlight

In fact, black can work there too. Gray walls and a gray patio require that you install furniture that offers a contrasting color. There’s always the option of including red and orange colors to make things look pretty. Black and white is a sexy combination in most situations as well.


Your restaurant is not just about what menu servings you have to offer. Sure, delicious-looking meals are necessary, but what’s even more necessary is having your restaurant look in the best possible shape it can.

We’ve gone over an extensive list of things you can do to accomplish that. Some of the most important ones include paying attention to your surroundings, having a realistic budget, and working out a way to make everything come together as a single piece of art. It will give you the edge to stand out from the competition.