Why Skip DIY Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a common problem faced by residential and commercial property owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In most cases, whether it’s caused by burst pipes, structure leaks, basement floods, or heavy rainfall, water damage or flooding is usually a surprise that requires emergency attention. Because water damage and secondary water damage can quickly interfere with the health and structural integrity of the property, many people attempt a cleanup on their own. While do-it-yourself water damage cleanup may seem like a good idea initially, it’s essential that you understand the potential risks involved and call a certified restoration company in Toronto instead.

 Mold and Water Damage

Beyond just causing belongings and building materials to become waterlogged and unusable, water damage in Toronto also leads to mold infestations. In only about 24-48 hours after a leak, flood, or burst pipe, mold will inevitably start to grow. If there isn’t early interference or water-damaged items are not thoroughly cleaned, removed, or restored, infestations will spread rapidly, contaminating both the property and the air. When do-it-yourself water damage restoration is attempted, mold tends to follow in the subsequent days. Because even with the most meticulous cleaning and care, DIY water damage cleanup will not be as effective and comprehensive as professional services.

With early mold detection and the highest level of water damage cleanup, expert restoration technicians can thwart outbreaks from becoming too expensive. If a property owner takes on mold removal in Toronto themself or is unaware of the potential presence of mold, the fast-spreading infestation can result in contaminated air and illness due to extended exposure. To combat the adverse effects of mold, it’s always safest to reach out to experts you can trust. Not only do leading restoration companies in Toronto leverage advanced equipment, including industrial dryers, dehumidifiers, and air filtration systems for water damage in Toronto, they also have the expertise to conduct strategic inspections and mold removal in Toronto.

 Asbestos and Water Damage

Depending on the cause of water damage, it’s possible that it could become contaminated with asbestos. If you’re not properly trained or equipped to deal with this hazardous mineral, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk by attempting to DIY water damage cleanup. 

Asbestos was a dangerous material commonly used in building materials around the city until the 1980s. Properties built before this time may contain the mineral if asbestos inspections or abatement has not yet occurred. When water damage in Toronto occurs, it can trigger the release of sensitive asbestos fibers into the air, immediately putting everyone in the room at risk for exposure. The longer you spend around asbestos, the higher the chances of contamination.

Asbestos removal in Toronto, in particular, is a complex process that requires specialized training, equipment, and gear. Attempting to remove asbestos on your own can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious health consequences. If you’re dealing with water damage in a property containing asbestos, calling a restoration company experienced with water damage and asbestos removal in Toronto is a smart preventative measure.

 Water Damage & Contamination Hazards

Professionals have a set of designations that classify water damage based on its risk levels. As soon as a water damage incident occurs, there is a hazard associated with it. In the least severe category, Class 1, leaks occur from a clean source like a broken pipe or faucet. While there is no immediate threat, it should be taken care of immediately to avoid escalation. Even with no contamination, class 1 water damage can affect electrical elements and cause property damage, making it best handled by a qualified professional.

In Class 2 water damage, floodwater is usually contaminated to some degree with household chemicals like bleach from overflowing appliances, which can cause skin infections, eye irritation, and even gastrointestinal problems. The final type of water damage, Class 3, is the most serious, typically resulting from sewage backups, overflows, or natural floods. The water, in this case, often contains harmful bacteria, microbes, microorganisms, or other pathogens that can make you sick from contact with the contaminated water. Without professional guidance for water damage restoration, determining which category or class of water damage you’re dealing with can be challenging. Experienced property restoration specialists have the expertise to navigate your particular situation for the best results.

 Get the Most Out of Your Property Restoration

With the influx of water damage events forecasted for the upcoming years, ensure you have a strong plan of action when it comes to water damage restoration in Toronto. With industry leaders like Canada’s Restoration Services on your side, you can preserve your property’s health and longevity, as well as your own.