Is Your Home at Risk? How Hurricane Window Protection Can Help

If you want to protect your home from storm damage, hurricane window protection is an excellent option. These windows provide superior energy efficiency, are impact-resistant, and offer many other benefits.

Some experts believe these protective measures can increase the value of a property. However, it’s essential to consider whether or not the resale value is worth the extra investment.

Wind Damage

Wind can be hazardous to homes with traditional glass windows. Broken windows can cause severe damage to the property, including allowing water into the house.

Fortunately, various strategies exist to stop wind damage and safeguard your home. Hurricane window protection is among the most excellent solutions.

High-impact windows are designed to withstand powerful winds and keep broken pieces of glass well-contained. In addition, these windows are built to withstand heavy rains that can accompany hurricanes.

Despite this, a few questions still need to be answered regarding how impact windows function and how to safeguard your home against storms. For example, some people believe that duct tape will keep their windows from shattering and that boarding up their windows with plywood will provide some protection from hurricanes.

Water Penetration

Water penetration through windows is one of the most common causes of damage following a storm, and it’s also one of the most expensive to repair.

The good news is that your windows can protect you from the wind and rain during a hurricane. A substantial window frame with heavy-duty weatherstripping and a sturdy hinge is the key to ensuring the safety of your home.

The best hurricane window is a double pane, insulated glass design with impact-resistant frames to keep out the hurricane. In addition, you can opt for more modern features like acoustic insulation to reduce sound transmission and improve indoor comfort. It is a smart move because it’s the best way to prevent noise from leaking into your living spaces and compromising your ambiance. Adding these elements to your home will make it a place you’re proud to call your own. 


Burglaries are a distressing and costly experience for many families. Millions of dollars in property are stolen from homes during burglaries each year.

Burglars seek weak entry points, and windows are a prime target. Fortunately, you may prevent criminals from targeting your home by taking a few easy precautions.

Keeping your home locked up, making it difficult for someone to break in, and having visible safety measures are great ways to deter burglars from entering your home.

For windows and doors that are prone to break-ins, try installing storm windows that can withstand the impact of hurricane winds. These impact windows have a laminated glass pane reinforced with a solid yet flexible polymer layer.