The Art of Visiting Display Homes: 10 Tips for a Successful Tour

Visiting display homes can be an exciting and informative experience, whether you’re in the market for a new home or simply seeking inspiration for your own future projects. Display homes showcase the craftsmanship, design, and features of a builder, and they offer a glimpse into what your dream home could look like. To make the most of your display home tours, here are ten valuable tips for a successful and enjoyable visit.

How to ensure successful display home tours in 10 ways

Do Your Research

Before you head out to visit display homes, do some preliminary research. Start by identifying builders in your area who have display homes open to the public. You can usually find this information on the builder’s website or through a quick online search. Explore their websites to get an idea of the different home designs and features they offer.

Plan Your Visits 

Once you’ve gathered a list of builders and their display homes, plan your visits strategically. Consider their locations and opening hours to create an efficient route for your tour. It’s a good idea to call ahead to confirm that the display homes are open and available for viewing, as opening hours can vary. If you’re in the market for a new home in the area, consider including display homes by Redink in your tour, as they often showcase innovative design and construction solutions.

Set Your Budget and Priorities 

Before you begin your display home tour, establish your budget and priorities. Determine what features and design elements are essential for your new home. This will help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions during your visits. If you’re working with a real estate agent or builder’s representative, share your budget and requirements to ensure you’re shown homes that match your criteria.

Take Notes and Photos 

When visiting display homes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the various designs and features. Take notes and photos to document your impressions and ideas. This will help you remember the details of each home and make comparisons later. It’s also a great way to capture design inspiration for your own home.

Pay Attention to Layout and Flow 

One of the most critical aspects of a home is its layout and flow. Assess how well each display home’s layout suits your lifestyle and needs. Consider the positioning of rooms, the flow between spaces, and how well it aligns with your daily routines. Visualize how you and your family would live in the home.

Inspect Quality and Craftsmanship 

While touring display homes, closely inspect the quality and craftsmanship of the builder’s work. Pay attention to the finishes, materials, and overall construction. Look for signs of attention to detail, such as smooth walls, even flooring, and well-finished cabinetry. High-quality craftsmanship is a good indicator of a builder’s commitment to excellence.

Consider Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is an essential factor to evaluate in a home. Inquire about the energy-efficient features of each display home, such as insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems, and appliances. A well-designed and energy-efficient home can lead to long-term cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

Ask Questions 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions during your display home tours. Builders or their representatives are there to assist you and provide information. Ask about the customization options available, the warranty, and any additional costs beyond the base price. Clarify any doubts you may have about the home’s features and pricing.

Visualize Your Lifestyle As you tour each display home, try to visualize how your lifestyle would fit within the space. Consider the functionality of the kitchen, the size of the bedrooms, and the outdoor areas. Think about how the home would accommodate your family, daily routines, and potential future needs.

Seek Design Inspiration 

Display homes are not only about finding a ready-made home but also about gathering design inspiration for your own projects. Pay attention to the interior and exterior design elements, color schemes, and decorating ideas. You can incorporate these ideas into your own home or share them with your architect or interior designer.


Visiting display homes is a valuable opportunity to explore different designs, assess quality, and gather inspiration for your future home. By conducting research, planning your visits, setting your budget and priorities, and asking questions, you can make the most of your tours. 

Remember to take notes, photos, and consider the layout, craftsmanship, and energy efficiency of the homes. Most importantly, use these visits as an opportunity to visualize how your lifestyle would fit into each space and gather design inspiration for your own projects.

With these tips in mind, you can approach display home visits with confidence and make well-informed decisions when it comes to building or purchasing your next home. Display homes offer a wealth of ideas and possibilities, and a successful tour can help you find the perfect place to call home.