How to Choose the Right Outdoor Water Fountain for Your Garden

Did you know that over half of all American households participate in gardening activities? It’s an ordinary hobby, but some households add garden features like an outdoor water fountain to make them extraordinary. 

If your garden decor needs an upgrade, different water fountain options can help. They add character and tranquility to any garden space big or small.

Read on to learn about popular types of fountains and how to choose the right one for your garden.

Fountain Sizes

When you add a water fountain to your garden, it becomes an eye-catching feature. However, it’s important that the fountain blends in seamlessly with the rest of your garden.

If you choose a water fountain that’s too big for your space, it makes the layout feel crowded. If you choose a fountain that’s too small for your space, it won’t stand out from other features enough.

It’s also important to select an appropriate location for the fountain. Consider taking a photo of your garden area and using a photo editor to place different fountains in the space. It will give you an idea of what styles and placements look best.

You might find that a fountain looks perfect in an area without access to electricity. In this case, you might want to look for a solar fountain instead of choosing a different area in your garden.

Styles and Designs

If you’re going for a sleek industrial look, consider choosing a modern fountain. They’re typically made from materials such as stainless steel.

For a more traditional look, go with a fountain made of marble or stone. It’s an elegant and timeless fountain choice that never goes out of style.

If you don’t want the fountain to steal the show, go with a casual option. Casual fountains blend into their scenery and act as a complement to other features rather than a statement piece.

Material Benefits

Cast stone fountains are made from a mixture of Portland cement mixture and boast beautiful smooth surfaces. If you’re looking for durability, cast stone holds up well against the elements.

If you plan to move your fountain around to different areas, go with fiberglass. It’s a very lightweight fountain material and comes in designs that mimic copper, iron, and brushed lead.

Stainless steel fountains last a long time and have great durability much like cast stone. Bamboo fountains are also very durable, but provide a more natural look than stainless steel.

When it comes to residential fountains, copper fountains are a very common choice because of their classiness. If you can’t decide what material to go with, copper makes a safe bet because it goes well with any decor.

Natural stone fountains have great versatility and can blend into a garden or make a big statement. Keep in mind that you can core drill almost any type of stone to make the perfect fountain for your garden.

Picking an Outdoor Water Fountain

To choose the perfect outdoor water fountain, consider the size of your garden and the statement you want to make. You might want a casual trickling fountain nestled into your landscaping or a head-turning stainless steel fountain right in the center.

You can check out the gardening section of our blog for more tips to improve your landscaping and outdoor spaces.