The Best Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Yard

Did you know that Americans collectively spend $40 billion per year maintaining their lawns? You might think that having the perfect lawn means having lush grass, but there’s far more to know about landscaping. You’ll need to consider other factors to keep your property’s curb appeal looking its best.

Read on to learn about the best landscaping tips and tricks for a perfect yard!

Create an Inviting Outdoor Space Year-Round

Lawn care shouldn’t be limited to the summer months. You can create a memorable landscaping style throughout the calendar year. You just need to choose the right landscaping additions and do some upkeep.

Add some evergreen trees like boxwood shrubs to create ongoing greenery in your landscaping. Plant some as privacy barriers. Or place them near your home to soften the look of the architecture.

Commit to tree trimming, too, when the weather starts to get cooler in the fall. It will be easier to determine which branches to remove. And you’ll set your tree up for fresh growth in the spring.

Determine Which Plants Can Thrive

No landscaping guide is complete without mentioning the importance of matching plants to their places. In other words, you don’t want to put a plant that requires full sunlight in a shady area of your backyard. And you don’t want to put a plant in the path of oppressive summer heat if it needs shade.

Style and function can come hand in hand with your landscape. One way to go about this is by planting herbs, spices, and other plants you can harvest seasonally. Protect your vegetation with heavy-duty poultry netting to keep away animals that might eat your produce. If you have enough yard space and the local ordinances allow it, consider raising chickens in your property. Now you have a beautiful lawn and a steady supply of fresh ingredients and eggs!

For instance, sunflowers, marigolds, and geraniums are great choices for areas that get a lot of sunlight. Do you have a lot of trees? Go with hosta plants, dead nettle, and hydrangeas instead.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

It’s easy to go overboard with a wide array of colors in your outdoor space. Before you start buying up flowers, choose a color scheme. And factor in the color of your home as you make your decision.

For the most vibrancy, go with complementary colors. These can include pairings such as violet and yellow or blue and orange. These colors will be vibrant while also having enough contrast.

You may want to cluster bursts of the same colors in alternating patterns around trees. For a clean look, choose white lilacs or lilies to frame the walkway to your front door.

Don’t Overlook Hardscaping

While most first-time landscaping efforts focus on vegetation, don’t forget to incorporate some other elements. Hardscaping can include applying a bed of crushed stone to either side of a pathway lined with potted plants. You’ll love the contrast between the softer look of flower petals and sharper edges.

A large rock can punctuate a flower bed near the base of your driveway. Or create a flagstone pathway that meanders through your flower beds. You’ll create a more memorable landscaping style!

Follow These Landscaping Tips

When you follow the best landscaping tips, you’ll create a space with year-round appeal. Find the right plants to suit your climate and lighting scenarios. And choose colors and hardscaping options that will create dynamic visual contrast.

For more advice to keep your property looking its best, check back for new articles!