How to Choose a Home Exterior Color That Improves Your Home Value

Are you considering making a change to the home exterior color of your walls?

While many people take an all-white route when it comes to the exterior paint of their homes, other options may suit your fancy–and they’re going to help your home value, too!

Whether you aim to go more traditional or prefer more pops of color, we’ve got you covered on choosing an exterior home color you’ll want for years to come. So, let’s take a look!

Consider the Neighborhood

When selecting an exterior home color, it is essential to consider the neighborhood. A home that stands out may not be the best option if your area is filled with various traditional or earth tones. Ask your neighborhood association for their opinion on the most popular colors, if there are one. 

Think About the Architecture

Specific colors will emphasize certain features and look best on particular types of architecture. Consider your house’s style and design and develop a color palette that complements it.

Look at the historical tradition of colors associated with your house style and determine which colors make the most sense. Research which colors look best with your roof, stone, and trim.

Consider the Climate

An exterior paint color that looks fantastic in a cold environment may not work in hot, sunny weather. The color has to be not only appealing but also practical for the environment. If painting the entire home, ensure that the colors chosen for trim and accents complement the primary color.

However, choosing a specific color for your home’s exterior can be difficult. Here are some popular color options to consider:


White is often a top choice when considering an exterior home color that will improve your home value. Its classic, timeless color makes your house look neat, clean, and inviting.


Gray looks classic and is popular among modern home styles due to its versatility. Whether selecting a calm tone with blue undertones or a warmer shade with more pink or yellow, the neutral hue provides an elegant, timeless look that calms the eye. Also, versatile gray can be complimented with trendy colors for a more contemporary and stylish look.


The beige exterior paint choices of your house is a great way to increase the home’s value and make it appealing to potential buyers. Beige is a warm, neutral color with various roof and trim styles.

Beige exteriors also help to highlight any green levels, such as shrubs and gardens, providing a perfect backdrop for outdoor living spaces.

Seek Professional Advice

Advisers like, exterior designers, and real estate agents have a wealth of information from past successes and mistakes. They can provide information on the most desirable colors in a particular area and how colors can affect summer and winter temperatures.

Additionally, they can draw from analyzing other homes on the market and what nuances buyers are drawn to.

Choose Your Home Exterior Color Today

Choosing the right home exterior color can be a challenge. Yet, by taking the time to research colors, consult with a professional, and test colors with a sample, you can choose an exterior paint that will improve your home’s look and increase its home value.

Consult a local painter today for further advice to ensure a successful external home color selection!

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