5 Signs of Termites to Look Out For

Sharing your home with household pests is no homeowner’s ideal situation. Termites in the home inspire a different level of fear, as they do billions of dollars in damage annually in the United States of America. Knowing the signs of termites damaging your home is vital to prevent costly repairs.

You can take steps to get rid of termites as soon as you see that you have a termite problem, but you will only know if you can identify the telltale signs of your new tenants. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect resource to identify a termite infestation and take steps to save your home.

Keep reading for five clear signs that you have termites in the home today!

1. Hollowed Wood

A sure sign that you have termites in your home is when you notice hollowed wood around windows and wooden steps. The termites will eat the inside of the wood, producing a hollow sound and a light feeling that stands out from solid wood in your home.

It’s common for termites to hollow out the wooden studs in your walls beneath the drywall. If your walls sound hollow, it’s wise to contact quality pest control services for assistance.

2. Swarmers

Swarmers are among the most prominent signs of termites in and around your home. Swarmers are winged termites that have left their colony in search of new mates and food sources, and they often leave their wings behind once they’ve found a spot they enjoy. Swarmers and wings are a sign that you’ve needed to get rid of termites for years.

3. Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are a definite sign of a termite infestation in your home. The termites use the mud to shelter from the Sun and predators as they move around your home. They receive the humidity and temperature control required for survival using mud tubes for transportation.

4. Termite Droppings

You’re also likely to find termite droppings in areas of your home where termites are devouring wood. These termite droppings look like wood shavings, and it’s a sign that you need help to solve your termite problem before it grows in stature.

5. Difficulty With Windows and Doors

Most homeowners find it difficult to open and close doors and windows when they have termites in the home. It’s natural for wood to buckle and warp after termites eat through it. These changes to the wooden structure of doors and windows make it difficult to use them as they were designed.

Look for These Signs of Termites in Your Home

Knowing the clear signs of termites in your home is essential to take steps to eliminate the termite problem and save the wood in your home. Look for discarded termite wings from swarmers and termite droppings to determine if you have termites in the home. Mud tubes and hollowed wood are other signs that you must eliminate termites to avoid costly repairs.

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