A Complete Guide to Replacement Windows by a Professional

Knowing how to measure is essential if you plan to replace your windows. It will ensure you purchase the right size for your home and budget.

To measure the width, start with the jambs. Then, make three measurements at each jamb’s top, middle, and bottom.

Window Size

The size is one of the essential considerations when replacing windows. It will affect how your home looks from the outside and how well it works for you in terms of energy efficiency.

Window manufacturers use standard sizes to make ordering easy. These sizes are based on the width and height of the frame, so you can easily identify them by looking at the notation.

Usually, window sizes are marked in whole numbers with half an inch was taken off each to give your contractor enough space to install them.

Most standard windows come in a few consistent sizes that work for most homes. It makes it easier for homeowners to choose and order replacement windows without dealing with custom sizes.

Window Shape

When you are ready to replace your windows, there are many options. Your home’s design and style, energy efficiency needs, window shape, and more all play a role in determining the final selection.

There are a variety of window styles, including fixed windows that cannot be opened, double-hung windows with moving sashes, and casement windows that swing in and out using a crank. Sliding windows that move on tracks are also popular choices.

Specialty windows can be an eye-catching addition to a home’s look and feel. They can be paired with standard windows or used as a stand-alone feature.

Window Finish

There are many things to consider when selecting replacement home windows, including style, energy use and labeling, warranties, and proper installation. A professional window retailer and installer will help you decide the best options for your home.

Regardless of your material or style, your frame finish will significantly affect your windows’ appearance. Selecting a window frame finish that coordinates with your interior trim or wood cladding is an excellent way to keep the finished product consistent.

Window frames made of preservative-treated wood eliminate moisture issues that plague standard wood. As a result, these high-quality trims are longer lasting, lower maintenance, and more durable.

Window Material

Window frames are essential to your windows, as they hold the glass panes in place. Therefore, choosing the suitable frame material is vital to the performance and aesthetic of your new replacement windows.

Homeowners should consider how they want their windows to look, as well as the architectural style of their home, when choosing a frame material. Wood is an excellent choice if you’re going for a more traditional look.

For a more modern look, aluminum is another option. It is lightweight, strong, and resistant to moisture damage.

The professional you hire will determine the best window material for your home based on your budget and the current weather conditions in your area. They can also help you choose the suitable energy rating for your home and offer tips for proper installation.

A window’s energy rating is critical to the home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort. It measures how efficiently the window can conduct light and air to provide lighting and improve energy efficiency.