5 Exterior Home Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Is your home looking worn out? Have you been keeping up with the upkeep of your exterior home? If not, it could be going through intense damage that you could have stopped.

Luckily, there are exterior home maintenance tips you can use that’ll help you save yourself from trouble. Once you start maintaining your home, you should never stop. Your home is one of your investments, so you need to ensure in excellent condition.

Every home needs regular exterior home maintenance. All that wind, rain, and sun beating down on your exterior walls can take a toll on their condition–and your home’s. While keeping up with exterior home maintenance sounds dire, it isn’t.

Continue reading to learn more about the exterior home maintenance tips you need to know.

1. Clean the Exhaust of the Dryer

A blocked vent can cause a fire and reduce the effectiveness of your dryer. While the dryer is running, make sure the exhaust is going out. If there isn’t much exhaust visible, you might have a blockage, which is best identified and fixed by a specialist.

Cleaning the vent will improve the dryer’s efficiency.

2. Deck Cleaning and Repair

Basic home cleaning may be all that is required, but if your deck has loose boards, cracks, or deterioration. If this is the case, first pressure wash it. Always test for decay, according to the North American Deck and Railing Association, especially in areas that appear to stay damp.

Pressure washing services are guaranteed to stop insects from entering your home. Professional surface cleaning will reduce the likelihood of nests on your neighboring property. Your deck may be unsafe to use if it is soft and spongy.

It does not splinter when punctured with a screwdriver. Look for small holes, which may indicate the presence of insects.

3. Clear the Gutters and Window Wells

Your gutters and window wells may fill up with leaves, petals, and seeds over the summer. Make sure to remove any debris to allow rainwater to drain correctly. Check also if any small animals or birds have decided to call your window wells their home.

4. Caulk the Holes

Check for gaps around windows and doors and reapply caulk. Add weather stripping to the doors as well. You will make your air conditioner function more efficiently and save money.

5. Fix Driveway Cracks

A hole or crack in your driveway detracts from the curb appeal of your property and can become a concern. Deeper cracks are more serious issues that should be handled. Because asphalt is more challenging to work with, get an expert.

An asphalt driveway should be resealed every two to five years to extend its life. Finally, it’s crucial to check the driveway for damage and make repairs as soon as possible.

Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Exterior Home Spotless

Use these tips to maintain a clean and well-kept home. Check for signs of wear and tear in areas such as windows, roofs, and siding. Address any problems and execute regular care, maintenance, and cleaning to keep your exterior home in good shape.

Contact a reputable home services provider if you need extra help with outside home care and cleaning.

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