What Are the Causes of a Loud AC Unit?

No one likes a loud air conditioner, but during hot summer days, it can be unbearable. If you’ve noticed some extra noise coming from your air conditioning, there should be something wrong.

Find out what the root cause of the problem is, before you get too uncomfortable, especially if the temperature is warm.

So, what are the most common causes of a loud AC unit? Below, we’ve included a comprehensive list that you should keep in mind for when you’re up against a heat wave.

Don’t sweat it, read on!

Lack of Maintenance

Lack of maintenance can be down to failing to inspect and replace the filters, coils, and fins regularly. Dirty air filters can increase the unit’s airflow and can cause blockages and clogs in the system. This can cause loud blower operation and an abrupt shutoff due to inadequate airflow. 

Loose or Damaged Parts

The ductwork that is poorly connected or improperly attached to the condenser leads to increased noise. Additionally, the fans may also become loose and when they start moving, the sound of the blades on the metal can cause vibrations and a louder AC unit.

Another potential cause may be a compressor that is either worn out or damaged, causing it to make excess noise each time it kicks on. The drive belt that powers the compressor and cooling fans can wear, stretch, and become damaged over time, creating loud noises. 

Fan Issues

The fan motor can become old and worn, and as a result will produce loud noises such as humming, grinding, squeaking, or rattling. This can be caused by faulty bearings, worn belts, or other issues in the motor. Inadequate lubrication in the motor can also contribute to fan noise.

Additionally, loose screws or fan blades can cause loud and irritating sounds. A fan that is not properly aligned and balanced can cause the fan to vibrate and cause loud noise. 

Refrigerant Issues

Whenever the refrigerant level is either too low or too high, the compressor starts to make loud noises during operation. An improperly sealed system can also cause refrigerant to leak, which can sometimes be detected by a loud hissing sound.

Low refrigerant levels mean the compressor has to work harder to draw refrigerant, causing excess vibration. Overcharging the system with too much refrigerant can also damage the lines and valves, causing them to rattle and make a loud noise.

In any situation, it may be best to call a professional AC repair technician to assess the issue and correct any mechanical problems.

Know the Causes of a Loud AC Unit

A loud AC unit can be caused by several issues including weakened components, worn belts, improper refrigerant, and inadequate size. To ensure your AC is working as efficiently and quietly as possible, it’s important to have regular maintenance and replace parts as needed. If you are having problems with a loud AC unit, contact a local HVAC specialist for further assistance.

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