Signs You Need Emergency AC Repairs

Your home’s Air conditioning is one of its most important features. A working AC is a key part of comfort and safety during the hottest parts of the year. When you’re having AC issues it can be an emergency and emergency air conditioning repair could be essential to keep you and your family safe during the summer. Having your AC in working condition is not just a matter of comfort as extreme heat can be dangerous to your health and recent summers have been notably hot. If your AC needs repairs the following signs are ones you should call a professional as soon as possible.

Ten Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair

1. The AC Isn’t Cooling Properly:

One of the most noticeable signs you need AC repair is that your AC isn’t cooling your home properly. Cooling issues can range from having to run your AC longer to achieve the same results or your AC not blowing any cold air at all. This can point to several mechanical underlying issues.

2. Odd Noises:

All AC units make noises (typically from the compressor) but other noises are a sign of repair needs. Sounds such as gurgling, screeching, and other sounds you’ve never heard before could be signs of coming unit failure.

3. Cycling:

AC units commonly cycle with warmer weather leading to more cycling as your AC works harder to keep your house cool. Sudden increases in cycling are a sign you need repairs. A failing AC unit often cycles constantly and never seems to turn off.

4. Ice Starts Collecting:

While ACs are supposed to be cold when ice starts to form and collect on various components this is a sign of repair needs. Ice commonly collects on cooler parts of the unit such as the AC coils. Also, be sure to look for any water collection.

5. Strange Smells:

Odd smells such as burning or mold are a sign your AC needs maintenance. This can point to issues with your AC unit or ductwork cleaning or replacement needs. A professional will be able to detect the cause of any strange smells.

6. Weak Airflow:

Some performance issues with AC units include reduced airflow. While the air may be cool there is not much of it. This can be a sign of an assortment of potential issues such as motor problems, issues with filtering, and other mechanical issues with AC components.

7. Electrical Issues:

An emergency issue you should not overlook is those related to your home’s electrical system. If your AC is causing the breaker to trip on a regular basis you should contact a professional as soon as possible.

8. Thermostat Issues:

If your thermostat is not giving an accurate reading on your home’s internal temperature this is a sign of possible issues with your AC. Another thermostat-related issue is your AC no longer responding to your thermostat settings.

9. Refrigerant Leaks:

Proper levels of refrigerant are essential for your AC to be able to cool your home. If your AC has low refrigerant levels this points to a leak of some type. Having your refrigerant recharged and any leaks fixed should always be handled by a professional.

10. Fan Issues:

When your AC is running the fan should also be running to help keep the unit cool and circulate hot air. Issues with your AC unit’s fan can lead to overheating and damage to various components.

Final Thoughts

Your AC is one of those appliances that you always expect to work and when it has issues you quickly notice something isn’t right. If your AC is showing signs of failure you should contact a professional for an inspection and repairs as soon as possible. This helps keep your home cool and prevents the annoyance and health concerns a failing AC can cause.