Squeezing In: 7 Narrow Living Room Ideas With TV

Do you have a small space? Are you looking to optimally work with a small living room? Then you need to know how to maximize your living room with a TV.

Many people love their TV shows and often want to watch them when they want to, but nobody likes to feel crowded by a big screen. If you’re able to, try to move your TV stand to another room or put it on a different wall so that it’s not in the center.

Read on to learn about narrow living room ideas with tv.

1. Hide a TV Behind a Bookcase

Narrow living room ideas with TV hideaways are a great way to maximize a tight space without sacrificing style. If you have a small living room, try hiding the TV behind a bookcase through a Wildwood TV Lift Furniture.

This tactic saves wall and floor space, while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Additionally, the bookcase can provide extra storage for other items, like books and accessories. It can also act as a way to compartmentalize the living room and make it more inviting.

Furthermore, it is easy to accessorize around the bookcase to further enhance the living space. For example, add lighting to create an inviting atmosphere, or family photos to personalize the living area. 

2. Add a Discrete Panel

If you have a small living room and you want to add a television, but not have it too significantly impact your decor style, you should look into adding a discrete panel. This panel is typically affixed to the wall and can be used both as a storage unit and as a television stand.

It can be easily integrated into your overall living room design and will create a streamlined and cohesive look. The discreet panel will hide any unsightly cables and wires associated with the television, but it can still allow you to watch and enjoy your favorite programming. It’s a great way to incorporate technology into an aesthetically pleasing space without it seeming too overpowering.

3. Use Sliding Doors

When it comes to cramped spaces and narrow living rooms, sliding doors can offer a discreet way to hide away the television, freeing up valuable square footage for other activities. This is an ideal idea when there is a lack of space, since sliding doors can tuck the TV discreetly behind a wall or some living room furniture.

The sliding doors are space-saving, durable, and provide quick access to the TV if ever needed. Plus, they are available in various colors, styles, and finishes, making them a great option to suit any home decor.

Furthermore, they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. With sliding doors, you can still enjoy cozy living room experiences while having your TV discreetly tucked away from plain sight.

4. Blend a TV Into the Walls

Blending the TV into the walls in a narrow living room offers a clean look, eliminating bulky furniture or base stands. This is a great space-saving solution. Custom built-ins are the most attractive and permanent way to incorporate a TV into the walls.

Built-in cabinets on either side of the TV can be used to display ceramics, books, and photographs, or use color to showcase artwork. Floating shelves around the TV offer another great option as they allow for additional storage.

Recessing the TV in the wall gives it a soft appearance while providing a neat look. By neatly arranging cabinets or shelves on either side, the TV can become part of the décor. This unique, creative solution is ideal for small living rooms and doesn’t sacrifice style.

5. Float a Slimline a TV Unit

To give your narrow living room a modern, stylish edge, you can float a slimline a TV unit. This type of unit can be an elegant wall mounted unit or a low profile, contemporary design, which offers sleek modern style as well as practicality in terms of space.

Perfect for those tight squeezes, the slimline TV unit maximizes the space available by creating a minimal look and takes up just a fraction of the floor surface, giving your living room a light, open feel.

It can also provide additional storage and shelving for AV components, making it an ideal choice for those looking for additional living room storage. The ideal living room solution, a slimline TV unit will take your living room from cramped and cluttered to comfy and chic in no time.

6. Build a Library Around Your TV

If you have a narrow living room, you may feel like you don’t have enough space for a library. But with the right idea and a little elbow grease, you can create a library around your TV.

Start by picking out shelves or bookcases to fit the length of your living room wall, and make sure they fit snugly and blend with the theme of the room. Place a comfortable but stylish armchair in one corner and place your TV above it, making sure not to block any of the shelves.

Arrange your books or any other reading materials on the shelves in a decorative manner to add texture and warmth. To make your library even more inviting, add some string lights, candles, or fairy lights to the shelves. 

7. Distract From the TV With Color and Texture

When dealing with a limited space, it is important to not let the TV become the focal point. To distract from the TV and create a visually appealing space, incorporate color and texture.

Select a few colors that contrast and complement each other and add texture through a mix of fabrics like woven rugs, chunky knit throws, and velvet pillows. Install wallpaper behind the TV to add a unique decorative touch and make the piece blend with the wall.

Hang additional artwork or vintage paintings around the space to create visual interest and attention away from the television. When the colors and textures are layered, the room will become inviting and bring attention away from the TV.

Explore These Narrow Living Room Ideas With TV

Narrow living room ideas with TV can be tricky, but with the right creativity and willingness to adapt to the space, seven ideas make it possible. There is a solution to fit any issue, nook, or cranny in order to make it a comfortable and stylish living area.

Use these ideas to start making your living room a cozy and inviting space for entertaining and relaxing. 

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