7 Ways to Add More Storage to Your Kitchen

It can sometimes feel as though spaces in our home simply don’t have enough storage room. Thankfully, there are many measures you can take, including with regard to adding kitchen storage. Here are seven ways to add more storage to your kitchen.

1. Opt for a Kitchen Island with Storage

If you have the room and assuming you don’t already have one installed, you could choose to have a kitchen island added to your kitchen, specifically one with storage space.

Along with acting as the perfect focal point to your kitchen space and adding practical and aesthetic value, the right kitchen island can help you save space. 

More specifically, the sort of kitchen island you should look for is one that features drawers and pull-out shelves, allowing you to store a variety of kitchen items, thus freeing up space elsewhere in the room.

2. Introduce Wire Baskets to Cabinet Doors

Another smart way of increasing storage space in your kitchen is by adding wire baskets to the inside of cabinet doors if they can fit well to your particular cabinet doors, that is.

By doing so, you can benefit from a bit of extra storage, freeing up space and allowing you more room to put items away. This is one of those more out-there kitchen ideas, but it can certainly help many households free up a bit more space.

3. Add Hooks to Kitchen Walls

Where safe, suitable and nice on the eye, consider adding hooks to kitchen walls to store items that can fit on hooks well. This might include pots, pans and other kitchen items, whether it be utensils or forms of decor. Just be sure that any items you add to these hooks are well-suited and safe for being placed here.

4. Under-Sink Storage

If safe and suitable, you should consider making the best of the under-sink area. This can allow you to add items here, putting less strain on other areas of your kitchen from a storage perspective and hopefully reducing any clutter in the process. 

You may want to have something placed as a blockage point (e.g. a piece of wood) to stand between the storage space and the under-sink pipework. Hire a professional if you are in any doubt as to what is needed here.

5. Re-envision Your Pantry

Whether you currently lack a pantry or you feel your current one isn’t ideal from a storage perspective, you may want to either have it reshaped by a professional or replaced entirely with a large or/and better-designed pantry. As for the latter, this means one designed in such a way as to maximise storage space within reason.

6. Turn Awkward Angles into A Storage Spot

There can be many awkward angles throughout the home that we’d assume are of no use. However, you might want to consider hiring a professional to work some magic and turn an awkward spot into a handy storage space.

To give an example, if there is a small triangular point between a cabinet and the wall due to the slanted nature of the wall, a professional could add tailored storage shelves here along with placing top, bottom and sides (e.g. with wood). Whatever the case, it’s very important that any storage space added to an awkward spot is safe and suitable. Any good professional should be able to tell you what can and can’t work.

7. Replace Your Kitchen Entirely

Lastly, you could always have your kitchen replaced entirely with an alternative. While expensive, if you have the money and you’re interested, having a new kitchen installed in place of your current one could prove a very worthy investment, giving you and the designer/architect you hire the chance to totally re-envision your kitchen space.

Obviously, in replacing your current kitchen, you could have more modern and durable surfaces and fittings added and hopefully increase space with a smart and thought-out re-design of the entire space.