How To Clean Roof Tiles

If you have tiles on your roof, you might be wondering how to clean them properly. Different tiles have different attributes, so it’s important to clean them in the right way, or they might chip or get damaged.

Fortunately, the basic cleaning rules are similar across the board, so it’s not a big deal to clean one roof tile in contrast to the other.

Want to learn more? Then read on to find out how to clean roof tiles correctly!

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof Tiles

Cleaning roof tiles is essential to maintaining the look of your home and keeping it in good condition. Not only does it make your home look nicer, but it also protects your roof from potential damage.

Over time, dirt, moss, and other debris can build up on roof tiles and lead to leaks and other problems. By regularly cleaning your roof tiles, you can avoid these issues and keep your home in top condition. 

How to Clean Roof Tiles

Always work from the top down this will prevent any cleaner from dripping down and damaging the tiles below. Use a power washer with a detergent to remove any loose dirt and debris.

Use a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, and apply it to the tiles with a brush. Use a soft brush or sponge. Allow the solution to sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with a garden hose. For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat this process. 

Finally, rinse the tiles thoroughly with clean water to remove any residual cleaner. Clean roof tiles make it look its best for years to come. 

The Safest Way to Clean Roof Tiles

Make sure that you are using cleaners that are specifically designed for roof tile cleaning. Have the proper safety gear, such as gloves, glasses, and a mask also, wear a full-body harness if needed.

Begin by spraying the cleaner on the roof tiles and then scrubbing them with a brush. Rinse the tiles off with a hose and then allow them to dry.

Always use a ladder stabilizer when setting up your ladder, as this will help to prevent the ladder from slipping. Avoid using chemicals that are corrosive or acidic, as these can damage the roof tiles. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser or simply warm water.

But the safest way to do so is to hire a professional roof repair and installation company. Not only will they have the proper equipment to safely get on your roof, but they will also know how to properly clean your roof tiles without damaging them.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning

It’s essential to regularly clean your roof tiles to prevent the build-up of moss, algae, and debris. Regular cleaning will help to prolong the life of your roof. Following these simple tips on how to clean roof tiles will make your DIY work easier.

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