Choosing The Right Paint Color for Your Home’s Exterior or Interior

A fresh lick of paint is one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can embark upon. Unlike complex home improvements like room additions, renovations, and remodels, painting requires hiring the right house painters, brainstorming the right colors, and getting the job done.

However, the color selection stage can often be tricky, especially as homeowners often want to try out new colors. Determining the right color for your home’s interior or exterior requires a bit of thought. This article simplifies the process by sharing helpful tips for choosing interior and exterior paint colors.

Read on to find the important considerations for your indoor and outdoor colors.

Choosing The Right Interior Color for Your Home

Create A Color Scheme from Existing Interior Colors

There’s no one color for your indoor space. Most homeowners have become open to experimenting with colors, allowing them to adopt a range of colors for the different rooms within their homes. With newer color trends in vogue, homeowners may find the options overwhelming.

A good way to quiet the noise and improve your selection is to look within your space for colors that stand out. Chances are high that a part of your interior may have caught your attention at some point in the past. You can leverage the color inspiration from your space to create a mood board and color scheme.

Common inspiration sources include furniture and furniture detailing, wall hangings or painting, couch or throw pillows, scarves, and other designs.

To make things a lot simpler, start by selecting the three most prominent and appealing colors within your space. Mark those colors and explore the different hues of the selected colors. Based on the diversity of the hues, narrow your option down to one solid color and explore the various hues it offers.

Once selected, you can add a contrasting color or pick one of the three original colors to be used as an accent.

Select A Color Based On the Mood/Feeling You Aim to Create

Colors are powerful. They can influence your mood, focus, and performance. When choosing an interior color, it is important to consider the room’s function and what you intend to achieve.

For example, it is always better to choose a cool and calming color for the bedroom. This is because active and bright colors can keep the brain mentally alert, making it harder to sleep or rest. For play spaces, active solid colors should be explored to keep the energy in the room high at all times.

So before choosing your color, think about the two most important moods or feelings you wish to associate with the room you’re about to paint. Use the information to shape your interior color decision for a positive outcome.

Know Your Colors

An important part of color selection for the indoor space is knowing what each color means and how it can affect your living space. For example, white is an important color for many reasons, however, there are different hues and shades of white.

Choosing the wrong type of white can significantly affect your project’s outcome. For this reason, you should focus on understanding different colors and the energy they give off.

Choosing The Right Exterior Color for Your Home

Consider The Permanent Structures or Features

One common mistake most homeowners make when choosing exterior paint colors is ignoring the permanent structures. Permanent structures like roofs, bricks, or stones have much of a say when choosing your exterior color than you can imagine.

Choosing the wrong color to match those permanent structures can leave your home feeling less like you dreamed of. To get the best out of your exterior painting project, ensure to look for the best color match for the exterior structures.

In most cases, you may need to choose neutral colors or colors that are a hue deeper or lighter than the exterior structures. You may also experiment with new colors by painting a small patch of your exterior wall close to the permanent structure. This gives you an idea of the color blend.

Draw Inspiration from Other Homes

A great way to get your exterior painting right is to get inspiration from other homes online and offline. While you don’t have to be a copycat, paying attention to homes during your travel or homes in your neighborhood can give you a pretty decent inspiration for the next paint color for your home.

Don’t Get Too Engrossed in Trends

Trendy colors are great, however, they are oftentimes short-lived. Consider that your new coat of paint will remain in place for some years to come. With this in mind, consider if you’ll be happy with the same color some years down the line. If not, then you shouldn’t experiment with it.

Paying attention to the above factors will help you choose the perfect interior and exterior colors for your home’s appearance.