5 Furnishing Tips for Small Apartments

As urban areas become increasingly overcrowded and construction costs continue to rise, newer homes and apartments are getting smaller. Add the popular minimalist movement to the mix, and you end up with apartments big on zen but short of square footage.

There is no rule that says you can’t be perfectly happy and content in a smaller living space; as long as you use the space efficiently. Smaller apartments take a bit of creative thinking to get right and still feel like you are comfortable in your home.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their small apartment is choosing the wrong furniture. For example, rather than going with an overstuffed oversized couch that takes up significant space, you should choose a more sleek, simple, and minimalistic-looking couch from designers like Kasala. Let’s take a closer look at a few furnishing tips for small apartments.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you have a studio or bachelor’s apartment, you must find ways to incorporate your living space and bedroom into the same area. Innovative Murphy beds that double as bookshelf storage and working space and then pull out to a bed are the perfect example of multi-purpose furnishings. If you are short on storage, choose furnishings like lidded ottomans, book-shelf desks, fold-up tables, and stools that can be used as footrests or additional seating for guests.

Vertical and Overhead Space

Your small apartment may not have a lot of floor space, but lots of ceiling and wall space to utilize in your design. Using multiple shelving units can help keep your home organized and act as a space to display your personal and memorabilia items. You can use hooks in the ceiling to store bulky items like your bicycle or hang a pot holder overhead to make more room in your small kitchen.

Light Colors

Deep, rich colors in your home can have a dramatic flare, but they also have a tendency to make a space feel closed in. The best way to open up a space is by choosing lighter and more airy colors. Stick with whites or light pastels if you want your home to look larger.

Soften Your Edges

When living in a small space, the worst thing you can do is furnish it with pieces with a lot of strictly defined edges. Rectangular, square, or oblong items without any curves will tend to look harsh in a small space. Try to keep things a bit softer with fewer corners and more curves. For example, opt for a softer rounded table ottoman rather than a straight and rectangular or square coffee table to make the space look more open.

Appropriate Sizing

Before buying furniture for your small apartment, take full measurements of the space. You don’t want to end up with several large pieces that won’t fit in your space or are too cramped. Keep your furnishing to an appropriate size for the room to make it look less crowded.

Smaller apartments can still have a massive impact if you choose your furnishings and decor with space in mind. Try a few of these furnishing tips to help you make your small apartment look and feel larger and more like home.