7 Ways to Spruce up Your Small Apartment

Achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality is one of the biggest hurdles in interior design. Couple that fact with a small working area, and this problem can be even more magnified.

That said, don’t let a small apartment space leave you in despair! There are more than a couple of ways to transform your apartment into an actual livable home—even if the walls are closer than you’d personally like.

Here are seven tips and tricks for making the most out of a small apartment.

1) Use Lighter Paints

If you’re looking to make a space appear larger, light shades of paint are the ideal way to achieve that! They are easy on the eyes and also serve as a great backdrop for focal points you may have in your apartment.

Whites and off-whites are classic colours that you can never go wrong with when designing your apartment walls. However, any sunny and light tones can be just as effective in making a small apartment space seem larger. Light blues, pinks, and light greys, for instance, make for great alternatives.

2) Make Use of Alcoves and Nooks

Having pockets of darkness in a small apartment is a missed opportunity to leave a good impression. Instead, take advantage of these alcoves and nooks by utilising these areas for either design or functional purposes.

For instance, some alcoves are perfect for fitting in a cozy sofa for reading or adding a small chest of drawers. Another great idea is to make use of alcoves for the storage of books and shelves that would’ve otherwise taken up space elsewhere.

If you want to make an even greater impression, you can illuminate the space with hidden light fixtures to make this space truly pop. Your creativity is your limit!

3) Hang Floating Shelves

If you want to add some character to a living space, don’t underestimate the power of hanging floating shelves.

Not only do they take up little room and are minimalist-friendly, but they are also very useful in reducing the number of objects on your floors and tables.

Most people use these shelves to hang up frames, pot a few plants, or display new decor with ArchiPro. The sheer number of designs is abundant too, with fun patterns like a staircase or a zig-zag making the design look more interesting.

One of the top ways to use shelving space is to display some precious memorabilia from the past. Perhaps you have a trophy you want to show off for display or a picture frame of a treasured memory. Hanging shelves help you make that happen!

4) Use Mirrors

One of the most commonly touted pieces of advice for making small apartments look bigger is to use the power of reflective sources. In other words, mirrors!

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a larger space by reflecting more light into the room. However, don’t go for just any ordinary mirror. To set a big impression, you’ll have to think hard about your mirror selection too.

The first thing to keep in mind is to use dedicate a big space for your hung mirror. If you don’t have a big mirror, you can use multiple smaller mirrors and group them in a way that makes them look well-organised.

Where you place the mirror also has a huge impact. Placing mirrors on cabinet doors in the kitchen is an effective way to make the entire room look bigger. Additionally, having a large mirror in your living room near the window can be a great way to make the room look bigger.

5) Decorate With Plants

Plants are a timeless decorative element that can be used to bring life into an otherwise dull space.

Not only do plants make for great decorations, but they can also be superb air purifiers. Try adding some potted plants to your living space to give your area a more natural feel.

If you’re well-versed in the plant world, you can even opt for adding some vines and hanging plants in specific corners of your room.

When plants are used in the right way, they can help remove the feeling of crowdedness in an apartment. Plus, they can be pretty fun to collect and nurture.

6) Less is More

While you may have a rough idea of what you’d like to put in your apartment, it’s vital to remember that having too many decorative elements can do the exact opposite of making your home feel livable.

Instead of adding to the clutter, take some time to think about which items you truly need. It’s important to not get too emotionally attached to any one item, even if it might have sentimental value. After all, a minimalist look with thoughtful furnishing is much better than a cluttered mess.

7) Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

If your home is very small, you should know that every inch of space counts. To make the most of it, you should look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

For instance, your living room table could be a coffee table during the day, but turn into a full-sized dining table whenever you want to host dinner. A sofa can also be turned into a guest bed if need be. Ottomans and benches may also double as convenient storage units.

Furnishing can be one of the largest items in a small apartment, so keeping it to a minimum and finding multi-purpose furniture is essential. This way, you’ll have more space to accommodate things that’ll make your house feel homier.

Using multi-purpose furniture allows you to have room for things that you normally wouldn’t have space for but are still very important and meaningful, like photo albums or travel souvenirs. By maximizing space, you can have more room for floating shelves, plants, and even your custom-made canvas prints.