What New Features Could Level Up Your Yard?

Have you ever looked at your yard and thought that it could be better? Maybe you wish it was cleaner looking so that you felt more compelled to spend time outside. Maybe you look at your property and feel that it is boring. Or maybe you are fine with how it looks aesthetically but wished it reflected your personal style a little more. Whatever your reason for wanting to make changes, there are millions of homeowners who have faced the same questions.

Home improvement is a common thought that resides in the back of every homeowner’s mind. When you spend a lot of time in the same environment, you tend to become its biggest critic. So when you look at your property’s exterior and wish it could be better, what types of projects come to mind?

If you are looking for inspiration for what to do with your yard to improve its form and/or functionality, then you are in the right place. Here are a few ideas, both big and small, that you could implement to level up your yard.

Design a Beautiful Garden

The easiest way to make your yard look more lively? Add a garden. Gardens are versatile features that can brighten up the outdoors with additional color, turning a backyard into an oasis. It also increases the curb appeal of your home and can be a fun way to teach any children you may have about responsibility. The key to a beautiful garden is putting the right amount of care into tending to it. You need quality top soil delivery to give roots the nutrients and environment necessary to grow. Watering plants regularly and in the correct amount will help them develop. Keep up with the weeding and lay down mulch to allow your plants to thrive. If you add a garden and then ignore its needs, it could end up making your yard look messy or unkempt.

Add a Low Wall or Fence

Breaking up your property into various segments, or building a border around it, will create a high-quality appearance. Low-stone walls can be very intricately designed and used to great effect. For example, separate the patio from the rest of the yard with a wall. Fences can also achieve a similar effect. A short white fence might make your garden look very quaint and comforting. A fence around your entire property can increase the feeling of privacy, which is a characteristic that many people strive for. Though a fence is something important thing to add up to your home, if that seems a bit over-the-top addition, you might want to consider adding privacy panels to your backyard or front lawn since it still does the job of maintaining your privacy.

Image Source: Pexels

Water Features

Water features are a unique element that can change the feel of the entire yard. Whether it is an ornately designed fountain, a small pond, or an artificial stream, water features bring life to the property and can be a highlight of the yard. Imagine welcoming guests to your home and when they enter the backyard, they see a gorgeous rock formation with a stream running through it, all surrounded by perfectly selected plants. You have created a small and private paradise for everyone to experience.

While you are emphasizing on water features, you must also work on the water drainage system to ensure your backyard is not flooded. While water features come from the drainage system, you need the right channel grating for it.

Yard Game Zones

Almost anyone can find joy in a simple yard game. Whether you love to play Kanjam, Ladder Ball, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, or Croquet, your lawn is a great place to let out some of that competitive energy. You can even set up an area of your yard that is specifically designed for these activities. Maybe it has a distinct border and more finely cut grass to distinguish it from the rest of the lawn. This way, in the event of a party, some people could enjoy these games without worrying about disrupting conversations that are happening in other parts of the property.

Throw Mulch Everywhere!

Okay, you can’t throw mulch EVERYWHERE and expect it to make your yard look better. But, this material is extremely versatile. The most obvious use for it is to help prevent weed growth in your garden, but it can also be used to cover up unattractive features. Maybe you have trees in your yard that are surrounded by patches of dirt or dead grass. Mulch is the perfect tool to cover up this unattractive blot in your yard. Do this with all the trees in your yard and it can unify the property with the use of color. You can also line any pathways that you have with mulch to create a contrast with the color of the path material itself. Don’t be afraid to let a little bit of mulch change the look of your yard.

What Does Your Yard Say About You?

A yard is a blank canvas for creativity. It allows you to put your own unique flair into the property, and one that many passersby will notice. How you design your yard will affect you, your family, and any potential guests that you may have. So what choices will you make and what will they say about you? Get started on your next improvement project for your backyard and watch it be transformed with these ideas.