Going Green: 4 Tips for Planting New Trees on Your Property

Approximately 7,000 trees are planted every minute across the globe. That might seem like a lot of trees, as it is. But planting trees is critical for the environment.

People, groups, and companies plant trees for all kinds of reasons. Homeowners also plant them. Are you considering planting new trees at your home?

If so, this is a great idea. But it would help if you learned a few things about planting trees before starting.

So keep reading this guide to learn four vital things before planting new trees.

1. How to Choose the Right Trees

Planting new trees is a wonderful idea. But what types of trees should you plant? You can choose from hundreds of types, but you might start by considering your purpose.

For example, do you want to add some trees to your yard for beauty? If so, choose flowering trees or ornamental shrubs.

You could add large trees, such as oaks or ash trees, if you want shade.

When choosing trees, consider the size, color, purpose, and type.

2. When to Plant Trees

One factor that affects the success of new trees is the timing of planting them. The best time to plant trees is during dormant periods. So most experts suggest planting during the fall or early spring.

Planting during dormant periods provides time for the trees to establish roots. The roots grow underground during the fall and late winter. The tree’s success relies on strong roots.

If the tree develops strong roots before spring, its chances of success increase. Once spring hits, the sunshine and rain cause the tree to grow.

3. Learn How to Plant a Tree

Next, you must prepare the area for the tree. The first step is choosing where to plant the tree. Then, you must dig the hole for it.

Dig the hole as deep as the plant roots and three times as wide. The hole must be wider than the plant to accommodate root growth.

When removing the tree from its pot, aim to keep the roots intact. The roots are more important than the tree bulb.

Once you place the tree in the hole, gently fill in the hole with soil. Finally, place some mulch around the tree. Mulch soaks in water, helping the areas stay moist.

4. Understand How to Care for Your New Trees

After planting your trees, you must care for them properly. Caring for your new trees only requires watering them.

The trees need a lot of water, especially at first, while the roots develop in the ground. However, too much water isn’t good for them either. Thus, keep them wet without oversaturating them.

Planting New Trees Is Great for the Environment

Planting new trees is critical for the environment, but that’s not the only benefit. Trees make a yard look nice and provide fruit, shade, and other benefits.

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