What is the Best Size for a Pendant Light?

Pendant lighting is an excellent finishing touch for your space. Whether you want to make a statement or emphasize the scheme, ensure that the pendant proportions are correct. If you select one that is too big, it will overwhelm the room, and if you decide to go small, you risk appearing a little lost. 

A general rule is to opt for a pendant that’s one-half to three-quarters the width of the table. For instance, you’d wish for a pendant about 30-45 inches in diameter when you have a five-foot circular table.

How to Size a Pendant for a Dining Table

If you have the option, you’d always place a pendant light over your dining space since the ambient light is warmer, relaxing, and lends a softer feel than recessed lighting may. One could hang two pendant lighting or a long linear pendant to add extra lighting for a lengthier dining room table. 

Suppose you choose two pendant lights over the table; they must be about 1/3 your table diameter length and positioned so that the pendant exterior doesn’t within 150mm of the table end. It’s a contemporary look hanging a linear design fitting over a rectangular dining table; for the most excellent appearance, ensure the fitting is 300mm to 500mm shorter.

You should hang the dining space pendant lower above the table, between 750 and 900 millimeters from the top to the bottom of the fixture, unless there are nearby windows with a view. It gives the dining area more general lighting and a more eye-catching perspective of the fixture.

Size Lighting to a Kitchen Island

You may hang several little lights over a dining table or an island instead of just one huge one. A dining or kitchen area can benefit from using smaller numerous pendant lights, according to Sexperts.

In this situation, the number of lights in the series will depend on the size of the lights you like for the room, considering that you should highlight the entire island or table. Aim for large pendants to stand out, roughly one-fourth the island’s length wide.

Regarding hanging height, these must be lower than lighting over a dining table or living room. However, remember that they must still be above eye level while standing. The ideal distance between the pendant’s base and the counter is roughly 32-36 inches (81-92 cm).

Take Away

Getting the proper light sizing isn’t a matter of time-consuming and expensive trial and error. You should follow the above guidelines to ensure your chosen hits the best spot and scale it perfectly to your space.

A home isn’t just a place but a space where people can relax, be themselves, and feel peaceful with their family members and friends. Pendant lighting is an integral part of the process.  It’s not only about getting sufficient lighting to see by; it’s about ensuring that the lighting is good enough to keep your mood right. 

LAS SOLA hopes to design a room where one can find the best pendant lighting for each room, from standard lighting to unique lights and everything you require for lighting fixtures.