What Is Aromatherapy and How Can It Help You?

Are you looking for some much-needed self-care?

Going to the spa every week isn’t something that everyone can afford. Bring the spa to your home with aromatherapy. Essential oils have become a mainstream way of indulging in self-care.

But what is aromatherapy, and how does it work? Studies show that smell has a direct connection to memory and emotion. Aromatherapy capitalizes on this and goes back in history as a form of alternative medicine.

With essential oils, improve your mood, sleep, and more. Read on to discover the benefits of aromatherapy!

Stress Relief

Many of us first encounter aromatherapy when we go to the spa, and there’s a good reason why spas use it. Aromatherapy can reduce stress, but it’s most effective when you use lavender. Lavender can lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate.

This helps your body feel more relaxed. When your body feels relaxed, your mind will also follow. You can also use lemon balm, jasmine, or chamomile.

Improve Sleep

Are you short on sleep? If you have a demanding work life, there’s a high chance you’ve spent more than your fair share of sleepless nights trying to chase a deadline. Sleep deprivation affects your emotional state and mental capabilities.

Some people also find it hard to fall asleep and often end up tossing and turning or not getting enough hours. If this problem sounds familiar, consider trying aromatherapy. Quality sleep is crucial for memory and brain function, so don’t disadvantage yourself before the day starts.

Manage Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, aromatherapy can help you get some relief. Peppermint is a popular choice due to its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint oil also reduces inflammation by encouraging blood circulation to the affected area.

You can also use eucalyptus oil to relieve strains and muscle aches. Many massage oils contain eucalyptus for this reason.

Helps With Indigestion

Do you have an upset stomach? Essential oils stimulate digestive enzymes, helping you relieve indigestion. Ginger oil, fennel, and juniper berry are the most effective when treating indigestion.

Reduce Anxiety and Boost Your Mood

One bad day can make you feel like the world is crashing down on you. Of course, it’s normal to feel this way, but it’s important to get yourself back on your feet. Aromatherapy can help you clear your mind and push those negative thoughts down.

Essential oils can invigorate your senses, boosting your mood and energy levels. Use lavender, rose, or bergamot.

How to Use Essential Oils

When using essential oils, it’s always best to pair them with a carrier, especially if you apply them to your skin. Some people have mild allergic reactions, so talk to your doctor first. If it’s your first time trying aromatherapy at home, check out these home scent diffusers.

What Is Aromatherapy?

So, what is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy has lots of benefits, from better sleep to stress relief. When done right, you’ll notice an improvement in your quality of life.

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