The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Realtor When Selling a House

As of 2023, 1,548,058 realtors are working in the country.

If you’re selling a house, you probably wonder if a realtor is a way to go. After all, listing a home alone is nothing short of an all-consuming project.

Yet, if you exert all that time, effort, and energy, you’ll want to make sure your listing draws attention and gets you all the most possible for it. Few tools, save for that one realtor, can do that.

So why, then, are realtors so contentious? Detractors of a realtor always point to cons. So what can you expect from working with one? 

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons when hiring a realtor.

What Is a Realtor

Hiring a realtor when selling a house provides certain advantages and disadvantages to homeowners. A realtor is a professional in the real estate industry who is licensed and knowledgeable in all aspects of the buying and selling process. Real estate agents can most effectively access resources and contacts to market and sell your home.

Real estate agents have the expertise needed to ensure the sale of your home is successful. On the other hand, working with a realtor can be costly for home sellers. There are commission fees associated with the services a realtor provides, as well as administrative fees.

Also, real estate agents cannot guarantee that your house will sell within a specified time frame. Ultimately, homeowners will have to judge if the services a realtor provides are worth the cost.

The Pros

Realtors have extensive knowledge of the real estate market and can advise on the most effective and lucrative way to market a house being sold. Realtors also have access to resources and contacts that non-professionals do not have, such as experienced photographers, legal professionals, and potential buyers.

They provide an additional layer of protection for the seller, handling transactions, paperwork, and money exchange on behalf of the seller. Realtors have negotiation experience and can get the most favorable outcome for the seller regarding pricing and terms of sale.  

The Cons

The cons of hiring a realtor when selling a house can include the added cost, especially if you want to sell your home quickly. Hiring a realtor can add approximately 8% of the house’s sale price in commission, which can cut your profits. Furthermore, a realtor may not be as invested in selling your home as you are, so getting the desired results can sometimes be challenging.

Additionally, even though an agent can give you advice and resources, the ultimate decision and responsibility rests with the seller. In other words, the seller needs to know what they are looking for and the market to make wise decisions. Finally, the seller will have to work with the realtor’s schedule and availability, which can be limiting.

The Time Constraint

When selling a house, the prospect of hiring a realtor can be tempting. This is especially true when time constraints become a factor. On the pro side, a realtor can help manage the process of listing, advertising, and scheduling showings. They can also be an expert source of market information which can be invaluable in determining the right listing price.

Additionally, they can handle negotiations and document processing. On the con side, realtors come with a cost that cuts into final profits; furthermore, the time factor may have a bearing as finding a reputable realtor and their qualifications could take time to vet. Ultimately, the benefit of having a professional to guide the process might outweigh the possible time needed to locate the right match.

Realtor Fees

When deciding whether to hire a realtor when selling a house, weighing the pros and cons is essential. When hiring a realtor, the seller will have an expert to help them negotiate the best price for their home and provide guidance through the selling process. However, realtors do charge a fee, depending on the state.

This fee is usually a percentage of the final sale price and can be five to seven percent. Additionally, realtors may have access to marketing and advertising outlets that the seller may not have, potentially providing more buyers and a better selling price.

On the other hand, selling a house without a realtor may save the seller money, or allow them to set their commission rate, although it can be more problematic as it requires more work on the seller’s part. Ultimately, it is up to the seller to decide what is best for them.

Legal Red Tape

Selling a house can be complicated with many legal red tape considerations. One of the pros of hiring a realtor when selling a home is you will have an experienced professional. It is to help guide you through the paperwork, process, and any legal red tape that may arise.

A realtor will know the laws governing real estate transactions. It ensures you comply with all legal requirements and provides a smoother transaction. They may also have access to additional resources, which can be beneficial in selling a home.

Conversely, the cons to hiring a realtor are the additional costs, including commission fees, and the process can take longer due to contract negotiations. With the extra time and money necessary to go through a realtor, it may not be ideal for some sellers. 

Weighing the Options

Weighing the options of whether to hire a realtor or not can be a difficult decision. While there are pros and cons to consider when making this decision, generally, the benefits of having a realtor far outweigh the cons.

Pros include their experience and expertise in the market and with paperwork and access to an extensive network of potential buyers. Additionally, a realtor can provide you with local market information to help set a competitive price and staging advice to help you make the most money from the sale.

Cons may include the added cost associated with a realtor and a potential reduction in the sale price. Nevertheless, the pros of having a realtor typically outweigh the cons in the end, and they can provide invaluable negotiating and other skills to help get you the best sale price on your home.

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Plan When Hiring a Realtor

In conclusion, realtors can make home selling easier for some people. However, weighing the pros and cons of hiring a realtor is essential before deciding. Researching different realtors and evaluating their services will ensure you make the best decision for your needs. 

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