Low Cost Simple Haldi Decoration At Home

Haldi is a pre-wedding ceremony for the Hindus. At this event, the families and friends of the bride and groom apply a paste of Turmeric on the face and bodies of the couple to bless them for the big day. It is a pious and fun event, which calls for minimal decorations and lots of photos. Haldi decorations are generally simple and revolve around the colour yellow or orange and the complementing colours. You can DIY the decorations for this day with just the help of some supplies and a creative mind. Here in this article, we have a list of suggestions on how you can make your low cost simple haldi decoration at home

Flower Hangings

Floral hangings could be the easiest of all Haldi decorations. This is highly organised, and has a lot of opportunities for floral arrangements.

Take some open-ended flower garlands and hang them from the backdrop that your decorator has made. For Haldi, the most aesthetic flower will be a yellow or orange marigold. You can also add some contrasting-coloured big flowers at the tip of the hanging.

Handmade Floral Arch

Some designs always incorporate the beauty of flowers in them. If you have a high budget for flowers, make a flower arch as decor. This will be the decor, under which the Haldi ceremony will take place.

Make an arch-like structure with pipes or rods. Secure floral sponges to the arch with some wires. Now you can insert real or artificial flowers into the sponge. Make the floral arrangement compact, to give it a more professional look.

Floral Swing

It’s no secret that a Swing is a perfect addition to your home. And, if you want to utilise it in the most obvious manner on your big day, make a floral swing as decor. This can be a photo booth for everybody to get some awesome clicks.

Get your swing out and hang it securely, you can hang it from a tree too. Now, swirl flower garlands of your choice around the chains of the swing. You can also colourfully paint the sitting slab if you have enough time.

low cost simple haldi decoration at home
Image Source: Unsplash

Floral Frame

Another photo booth idea could be a floral frame. To make this decor, all you need is lots of flowers and some wooden panels.

Make a frame-like structure with the wooden panels and attach loose flowers or garland with it. You can place it on a stand and let all your guests have some cool shots photographed!

Umbrella on the Tree

It can be hard to find the perfect haldi decoration at home among the zillion options out there. But to me, Umbrellas on tree hanging is the most unique of all.

Source some colourful umbrellas and hang them from tree branches with ropes. Tie flower garlands to the umbrellas to give it a more ethnic look.

Quotes and Tags

The quote-style Haldi decoration is highly functional and customisable. Write some marriage puns, love quotes, names of the couple, etc on colourful placards. Place the placards around the venue. It will provide a little colour pop to your day!

Here are some of the best home decor changes we’ve seen this year that might give you a little inspiration for Haldi Decoration at Home. Get creative and jazz up your venue to receive all the appreciation from the guests!