Kids Bedrooms – How To Create A Space-Themed Bedroom

Almost every kid dreams about going into space when they grow up. You probably had the same dream. And even though it is not possible for your child to be an astronaut at this very moment, you can still give them a little taste of space. How? Through decorating their bedroom with an amazing space theme. However, don’t just add a few stars and call it a day. Instead, follow these amazing tips, and you will create the ultimate space station of a bedroom. Let’s start.

Start With an Accent Wall

A space-inspired theme needs an accent wall to start the decor right. You can pick some space-themed wallpapers for that wall, which will really set the tone for the rest of the room. However, if you’d like to be creative and have the skills, you can hand-paint your space designs. Stars, planets, astronauts and rockets are the perfect elements for this theme. Even though this process of hand-painting can be time-consuming, maybe the entire family can join in and together you can create an amazing space-themed accent wall.


A Rocket Bookshelf

Another amazing idea is adding a bookshelf shaped like a rocket. You can also make this yourself, or have it made for you. Either way, this bookshelf can truly bring the spirit of space, while your kid will have some extra storage for their books and toys. Plus, this bookshelf can nicely fill that awkward corner you have in the kid’s room so you don’t have to think about that corner anymore, and fully use the space in the room.

Bring In Some Art

Now that you have an accent wall, it’s time to figure out what to do with the rest of the walls. One amazing idea is to fill them with space-themed art. If your kid has a favorite space-themed movie, get them that poster and hang it up. Another great idea is to go for a custom star map poster on a specific date, maybe your kid’s birthday. That star chart will nicely fit into the space-themed decor while it will be personal to the entire family. Additionally, you can have your kids draw inspired by space and make a small gallery of their drawings.

Decorate the Bed

If you already have enough space-inspired decor, you can keep the bedding clean and simple. In such a case, you can opt for dark-colored linen or some simple star patterns. On the other hand, if you want to add more space-themed items, you can go for linens with planets and stars on them. Another great idea is to get those amazing Star Wars linen for your kid’s bed. You can go for different characters they like and truly dive into deep space.

To complement the cosmic theme, consider durable cabin beds for kids that not only offer a cozy sleep space but also provide additional storage options underneath. These versatile beds not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also address practical needs by maximizing storage in a compact manner. With a combination of space-themed linens and durable cabin beds, you can create a captivating celestial haven for your child to explore their imagination.


Glow-in-the-dark Accents

You cannot have a space-themed bedroom without glow-in-the-dark accents. There are so many great decorations that will fit nicely into this room. For example, you can find amazing adhesive stars and planets and place them on the ceiling to create a starry night that lights up during the night. Also, you can find a selection of lamps shaped like planets and the moon. These provide a quirky and helpful night light and they simply look gorgeous. These are especially handy if your kid is afraid of the dark.

Nurture Your Kids’ Interests

If you are opting for a space-themed bedroom, chances are big that your kid loves the space and every toy associated with it. So, to further decorate the room and provide your kid with what they love, get some fun toys that they can enjoy and that can serve as decor. For example, there are so many great Lego space-theme sets and builds that your kid will enjoy building. Plus, Lego looks amazing on the shelves. Additionally, you can find great toy spacecraft and many other toys. Last but not least, you can all sit together and create a space-themed diorama or go for that old-school Solar system made out of styrofoam.

Creating a space-themed bedroom for your kid can be so much fun. However, before you start, make sure to have a plan. Make a decision together on which elements your kid would like in their space room. Build toys together, paint those walls and don’t forget about those glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars and planets for a starry night on the ceiling.