Is Transforming Your Family Room the Right Renovation This Year?

After the kitchen, you will often find that the family room is at the heart of your home. Transforming your family home and undertaking a renovation may not have been something you initially considered. However, there are lots of advantages you can expect to see (and feel) when renovations are completed. Having a place where your family can connect with each other yet disconnect from the outside world is important.

What You Can Expect from a Room Transformation

Extra light and much-needed living space can be expected when a room transformation is complete. More enjoyable living is something that you can expect too. A room transformation can help you see your family room differently, and it can help you make the most out of the space you have (or potentially have). You can find that when a transformation is complete you will spend more quality time together, whether in the evening or after mealtimes. A makeover to a key family/living room can help you live better, and help you make spending time together that little bit easier.

Changing the Color Scheme

Your family room may need a new color scheme. It may have been painted in the same colors for a while and you may find that this is dragging the room down. A change to the color scheme can brighten and lift any space – no matter how big or small your family room is. A more neutral scheme that features creams and earth tones may give you a blank canvas. This canvas will allow you to add more personal touches and accessories. Or, you may find that you opt for a brighter and bolder color scheme that features statement walls, or flocked wallpaper. A new color scheme can liven up a space and make it feel more welcoming to all family members.

Adding Extra Light into the Room

If a family room is feeling dark, and a new color scheme is not working, then consider adding more light into the room. You can do this by installing bi-folding doors from Now Aluminium. Bifold doors can open a living room, and make it feel more connected with the exterior of your home. When spaces feel brighter, lighter and more connected to their surroundings you will find that you will use them more. As well as adding more light with bi-folding doors, you may also want to look at how you light your family room. Perhaps adding subtle light fixtures or adding wall sconces could influence and shape how a room feels.

Top Tip: When thinking about a room renovation, always look at what you want to achieve before carrying out any work. Do you want to make a space more useable, or more accessible? What is your end aim or objective?

Improving the Space You Have

A transformation of your family room could give you much-needed space, even if you choose not to add an extension. Looking at the layout you currently have and seeing what works (and what doesn’t) can help you improve and fully utilize the space. Improving the space will allow you to spend more time together in one area as a family. It will also help you make use of the whole room (and note just certain areas). Looking at how you use the family room, and when will help you improve the space you have to work with. Monitoring how the room is used over the next few days or weeks will help you see where changes can be implemented.

Creating a Space That Works for All of Your Family

As a family room is a space that the whole family will enjoy and use, it is vital to get their input. See what your family want to be featured within the room. What will they enjoy within the room, and what will they utilize? Are big sofas and couches a must? Is a new entertainment system a must-have? Is an area for reading or chillout time needed just as much? When you get the input of all family members who use the family room, you are then able to create a space that is fully utilized and always enjoyed.