How To Choose The Right Plumbing Fixtures For Your Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting project that adds value to your home. Updating the plumbing fixtures is an important part of the renovation that shouldn’t be overlooked. The sinks, faucets, and other fittings you choose must match your style, fit your space, and stand the test of time. You’ll want to consider factors like installation, maintenance, durability, and aesthetics when reviewing options.

That said, here are some things you need to consider when doing a kitchen remodel.

1. Know Your Sink Options

There are several sink types to consider for your kitchen remodel. The most popular options include stainless steel, porcelain, composite granite, and cast iron. Stainless steel is a modern choice that is durable, easy to clean, and can be coordinated with many styles. Porcelain enamel sinks have a classic look with sleek white and neutral hues that hide water spots. Composite granite sinks offer the look of real stone mixed with acrylic resins, making them more affordable. Cast iron sinks are very heavy-duty and come in a range of colors. When choosing your kitchen sink, think about the look you want and how easily you’ll be able to keep it looking clean. 

Additionally, consulting home renovation services early on can help ensure you make informed decisions, especially when choosing the right sink option. 

2. Choose A Faucet Style

The faucet is one of the first things people notice when they enter a kitchen. When selecting a kitchen faucet, you’ll want to choose a style that matches your sinks and cabinet hardware. Consider finishing touches like the number of handles and the height of the arched neck. Faucets come in different materials like brass, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and nickel. Features to consider include:

  • Motion activation.
  • A pull-down or pull-out spray hose.
  • A high-rotating spout that can pivot to fill pots anywhere on the sink.

The right faucet should look good and make cooking tasks like filling pasta pots and rinsing dishes easier.

3. Select A Practical Garbage Disposal

Adding a garbage disposal helps prevent clogged drains by grinding up sink waste. The right disposal for your home depends on size, motor, grind stages, and noise level. With sizes ranging from compact 3⁄4 HP models to large 1 HP industrial units, take measurements to find one that fits under your sink. More grind stages mean more thorough waste processing. Continuous feed models are convenient, but batch feed units are safer for homes with small children. Sound insulation helps dampen noise. You’ll also want to ensure the on/off switch is easily accessible from the sink area.

4. Get Hot Water Flowing Faster With Instant Hot

Tired of waiting for hot water? Then, upgrading your water heater or adding instant hot water recirculation may be time. This device detects when you turn on a hot water faucet and then circulate the water in your pipes back to the heater to be rewarmed. This cuts down on water waste while delivering hot water faster. Choose a unit sized for your home’s plumbing with easy installation at your water heater. Then, enjoy nearly instant hot water from the faucets farthest from the heater.

5. Pick A Practical Pot Filler

A pot filler faucet is a useful luxury for avid home cooks. Mounted directly behind your stove, this swing arm-style faucet makes filling a stock pot on the range safer and easier. Without a messy, heavy pot of boiling water to lug across the kitchen and lift onto the stove, you’ll save your back and have better control. Wall-mounted pot fillers require some installation work to tie into main water lines, but they can be an attractive and helpful addition to a kitchen island or range.

6. Don’t Forget The Finishing Details

The small flourishes can make a big difference when designing your dream kitchen. Carefully choose sink accessories like filters, baskets, racks, and cutting boards that simplify prepping meals. A soap dispenser coordinates with your faucet and cabinet hardware. And a stylish new pot filler can take your remodeling plans over the top. Meeting with kitchen designers and home renovation services early in planning lets you think through all the details.


Updating old leaky plumbing fixtures can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen’s form and function. Carefully evaluating your family’s needs and style preferences will ensure you have the perfect sink, faucets, and accessories. While new sinks and faucets focus on aesthetics, upgrades like instant hot water circulators, garbage disposals, and pot fillers boost convenience. Consulting an experienced home renovation service lets you see what’s possible before starting. Ultimately, you’ll love cooking and entertaining in your beautifully renovated dream kitchen.