Is It Time for a New Garage Door? How to Tell

Garage doors are like relationships – they start out strong and full of life. But sometimes, perhaps due to neglect or once the novelty wears off, things don’t work out. Thus, you may wonder if you need to part ways if your current setup isn’t working.

That said, your garage door requires regular maintenance to serve you as it should. To this end, Titan Garage Doors Richmond services could be just what the doctor ordered. The firm is a household name in the area – having served thousands of clients since 2012 – and offers best-in-class repair and installation services.

So, should you pull the plug on your relationship with your current garage door? Well, here’re some signs to tell you a new door is in order:

1. Sluggish Operation

Undoubtedly, old age tends to do a number on us, and garage doors are no different. Their mechanical components will likely show their age due to normal wear.

When this happens, you’ll notice the door’s movements become sluggish – almost as if it’s trying to tell you something. If you notice your door takes its sweet time to open and close, unlike it used to, then an upgrade could be on the cards.

Chances are that even your best efforts to replace some components won’t be enough. Hence, say goodbye to the long wait for your door to do its thing by welcoming a new one.

2. Noisy Operation

Granted, garage doors make some noise when they open and close – they’re set up that way, thanks to the multiple components involved. Even so, they’re not supposed to be noisemakers per se.

If you notice an increase in the squeaking and creaking or other strange noises emanating from your door, you probably need to call in a specialist. Mostly, lubrication helps resolve the issue. However, if it persists, regardless of the effort you put into maintaining it, you might consider terminating your relationship with the old door.

3. Security Issues

Your garage could be the weak link in your home’s chain of security. If you’re not sure your garage door is still up to the task of keeping the bad guys at bay, you probably need a new unit.

Or maybe you recently moved to a new neighborhood and want to ensure you’re as secure as possible. Besides, the old wooden door in your garage might be a lovely piece of history, but it’s probably past its prime and not the best thing for your security.

As such, consider upgrading to a modern unit with all the bells and whistles modern security doors come with to secure your property. Otherwise, the valuable tools and items you store in the garage could be at risk from burglars.

4. Sagging and Shaking

Imagine the hassle of dealing with a garage door that does a weird ‘jig’ every time you try to open it. Well, if your door starts sagging or shaking for no apparent reason (at least not one known to you), consider replacing it.

Wood doors are the most prone to sagging as they are affected by humidity and temperature changes. And usually, the sagging signifies something is amiss.

That said, even doors crafted from other materials can sag due to underlying issues. So, before your door leaves you stranded in the dead of winter or night, call a professional to assess the situation and help determine if you need a fresh start.

5. Reduced Functionality

If your garage door functions optimally today but on the next day appears to have a mind of its own, you might want to reconsider your relationship with it. Granted, the weather can affect operations from time to time. However, if your door consistently lets you down and you wake up daily wondering if it will work as expected, it might be time to say adios.

The wear, dents, worn parts, inclement weather, and other variables can conspire to reduce your door’s functionality. If you get to the point where it becomes a constant problem that defies DIY solutions, perhaps investing in a new unit would ease your concerns. Or if your technician is becoming a prevalent ‘fixture’ in your home, perhaps you need to reconsider your union – by bringing a new garage door into the fold.

Whether your door is dragging its feet or showing the other signs above, you’ll, at some point, need to reinvest in a new one, especially if the issues persist. No one wants to get stuck in a problematic relationship. So, if you’re in a love-hate association with your garage door, for your well-being and sanity, consider investing in a new one.