Common Winter Pests and How to Prevent Them

Whenever most people think of pests, what comes to mind are insects like mosquitoes and flies. While these tend to be common, they are mostly associated with summertime or warm to moderate weather. Winter tends to be favorable to other kinds of bugs in addition to those. If you’re looking for a solution, reaching out to Pest Control Services in Lansing Michigan will not be a problem for you anymore.

Winter Pests

Winter is usually a time when many animal species, including some insects, hibernate. This means that they go into a deep state of sleep. While such behaviors are the product of evolution to help animals conserve energy and continue their lineage, hibernation is not characteristic of many winter pests. In fact, many of them are rather active during this cold season.

Below are some examples of the most common winter pests and how to prevent them.

Rats and Mice

Rats are a common problem the world over, with some estimates putting their population at more than 7 billion. Mice, their distant cousins, don’t number nearly as much and are less common. However, both can prove to be problematic during winter time, especially in some geographical areas. Rats and mice prefer dark areas of the home, creating their habitats in hard-to-reach areas and crevices. In addition to causing serious property damage due to their constant chewing of surfaces, these rodents also harbor germs and other microorganisms capable of causing serious diseases in humans.

To deal with these rodents;

– Seal all potential entry points: Mice and rats are very resourceful creatures when it comes to finding a home and food. They can wiggle their way through tiny cracks to get to a place where they can multiply and create a colony. Seal any holes and cracks they may use.

-Take hygienic practices seriously: Just like other pests, mice and rats are attracted by food crumbs, dirty laundry, and general clutter, among others. Ensure that living spaces are always kept hiding clean.

– Get a cat as a pet: There is some truth to the saying “when the cat’s away the mice will play.” Having a cat as a pet at your residence means that rats and mice will not move and breed freely.


Cockroaches (or roaches as they’re more commonly known) are a constant problem for many residents. Where there is moisture, food, and a nice environment that can provide shelter, you can be sure that cockroaches are not far away. Roaches easily find their way into buildings through second-hand appliances and packages.

To prevent a cockroach infestation during winter;

  • Clean your house properly: Few things attract cockroaches faster than a cluttered and dirty environment. Ensure to clean your residence regularly. Be mindful of food spells and refuse.
  • Fix any leaks from faucets and pipes. Cockroaches need water as much as they need food.
  • Clean your electrical appliances regularly. This is especially true for large ones like refrigerators which tend to have hard-to-reach areas that cockroaches can invade.
  • Avoid having a cluttered environment in and around your home. Avoid leaving things like pet food lying around. Cockroaches can feed it.


While there are thousands of spider species in existence, only a few hundred of them are common in homes during winter. For example, Pholcus phalangioides (commonly known as Daddy Long Legs) can be seen around the house during winter. They tend to prefer areas like the wine cellar. Other words like the Wolf Spider tend to prefer window cracks.

To keep spiders away from your home during winter;

-Seal any cracks that may act as entry points or hiding places

-Watch out for accumulating spider webs. Clean such webs as soon as possible to prevent them from creating a breeding ground there

-Be mindful of your landscaping. A common source of spider infestation in the home is due to plants that lean close to the house

-Keep your house clean and tidy. Dirt and food particles tend to attract insects. Spiders are natural predators of many of these insects. This means they’ll be attracted to where such insects are.


These nocturnal mammals can become a problem when they find their way into a house. This tends to happen through chimneys and open windows. Being mammals, they’re always looking for a warm place to live in when it’s cold. While they only attack humans when they feel threatened, raccoons also harbor a lot of disease-causing germs in microorganisms. This makes them a health hazard when they invade a house during winter.

To ensure that raccoons do not invade your home;

– Keep all trash cans sealed because they love to forage

– Use raccoon repellents when possible

-Install preventive lights and ensure to seal any potential entry points

Ultimately, pest control is necessary if you have bugs in bed in Lansing Michigan. By following these tips and calling in professional help when necessary, you can avoid seeing these pests in your home.