How to Get Rid of Those Weeds in the Yard

So, the yard’s looking a little rough around the edges, right? Seems like those weeds are creeping a little too close to your beloved patio.

Relax, friend. It’s probably not as bad as you think it is. The fact that you noticed the weeds in yard at all means you’re on the right track to fixing your problem. We’ve written this simple guide to help you on your way to a weed-free yard.

Read on, then get that garden hose ready and let’s start spraying!


First, gardeners can use a hoe or cultivator to break up the soil and expose the weed roots. This loosens the soil, making it much easier to remove the weed by hand. After the weeds have been removed, it’s important to cultivate the soil to help aerate it.

This will prevent the weed roots from re-establishing themselves, as well as ensure that fertilizers and water are better absorbed and distributed in the soil. Work with a little extra compost to promote the growth of plants and grass in the yard and help control the growth of weeds. 

Spot Treatment

It involves using herbicides to target only the weeds while leaving the surrounding vegetation unscathed. To get started, find and mark unwelcome plants in the area of focus. Then, prepare a herbicide mixture according to the product label’s instructions.

Gently apply the herbicide to the weed-infested spots, and be sure to thoroughly saturate the foliage. Allow the weeds a few days to die, then simply rake them away. If needed, spot treatment can be repeated.

For stubborn weeds it may be necessary to allow the herbicide time to penetrate into the root system of the weeds over a few weeks, depending on the weed species. Be sure to keep children, pets, or other animals away from the area during the entire process, and use protective gear when applying herbicide.

Regular Maintenance

The first step would be to regularly mow and trim your green lawn to deny weeds the sunlight they need to grow. Mulching can also be an effective tool for preventing weeds and their spread. Additionally, make sure to pull weeds as soon as you notice them and use an herbicide to target stubborn weeds.

Keeping the soil moist can help reduce the presence of stubborn and invasive weeds. Resist the urge to over-fertilize, as this, in turn, can promote weed growth. 

Hire a Professional

A Yard Care Business with experience dealing with problematic weeds can help you find the specific types of weeds in your yard and then craft a plan to get rid of them.

Professional landscapers use a variety of weed control methods including pre-emergent herbicides and spot-spraying of chemical or organic herbicides. If mechanical weed removal is needed, then professional landscapers have the tools and experience to do so as well. 

Remove the Weeds in Yard Today

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tackling the dreaded weeds in yard. With a little bit of hard work, creativity, and ingenuity, you can be proud of your healthy, weed-free lawn. So put on your garden gloves and get to work, your dream garden or outdoor living space awaits!

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