How to choose the perfect color for your bathroom

Home-related tasks can be tedious and satisfying in equal measure, since building a home or certain rooms from scratch or remodeling them usually involves a lot of time, dedication and effort.

One of the favorite rooms for remodeling is usually the bathroom, as it is a place where people seek to feel calm and relaxed, being able to spend a moment with themselves to do their facial routines, immersion baths and other issues related to the environment. Physical and emotional well-being to get rid of the hustle and bustle of routine.

It is generally thought that the ideal color for a bathroom is white, but currently, decoration and trends have taken a big leap and changed in this regard. A bathroom full of colors, with textures on the walls and decorative objects such as plants or candles have become the dream of many, because everyone wants their bathroom to look like those in magazines and this is not impossible thanks to the home improvement solutions.

Although the bathroom is one of the rooms that should always look neat and clean, it is not an obligation for you to maintain decorative standards that do not fit your personality and style.

Some color ideas for your bathroom

When decorating the bathroom, some doubts always arise, but one of the most common is the one related to the color that you should choose for the room. It may happen that you choose to take care of everything from the first to the last detail or that you prefer to choose a home renovation company where, in this case, you can delegate the tasks, but the work will be done according to your needs and taste.

Choosing the color scheme for a bathroom can be a real challenge and this is probably more difficult than with the rest of the rooms because it is smaller than other spaces in the home because everything must be perfectly combined: floor, walls, lighting, furniture and even towels.

If you choose a certain color palette, you will be choosing the way the bathroom will look and feel. Gone is the idea that if you have a small bathroom, you should paint it white or neutral colors. The important thing is that you make that space yours and that when you stay in it you feel a climate of tranquility, harmony and relaxation.

Black and white

This combination is timeless and has been all the rage in Art Deco. You can choose white or black tiles, chrome accessories and mirrors or accessories with silver details to make your bathroom look sober and modern.

Depending on your style, you can choose to create designs on the walls or the floor using these colors and you can choose other accessories such as towels or rugs in more striking colors like red or yellow, for example, to highlight certain spaces.

Monochrome gray

If you choose a company for home improvement solutions and you agree to use a gray tone for the bathroom, it is ideal for you to know that this combination is all the rage around the world because grays look elegant and sophisticated. There are different shades of gray capable of achieving incredible results if you combine them with other accessories in colors such as green or pink.

The color gray has the ability to create a calm and relaxing space. Furniture of this color helps a lot to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You can paint the walls in different shades of gray and you can choose white furniture to make it stand out or you can prefer to use smooth tiles or tiles that form original designs on the walls or floor so that the bathroom has a more natural appearance.

Natural and brown

If you prefer a classic style, you can choose something simple and timeless like the combination of neutral and brown colors to make your bathroom look warm and cozy. Neutral colors are simple to use, combine, and pair well with wood or white furniture.

Brown tones combine well with cream tones or color blocks if you want to highlight some spaces in your bathroom such as the bathtub or the mirror. The recommendation in this case is that you do not use bright colors because the bathroom will lose the subtlety achieved.

Blue and yellow

If you are one of the people who prefer striking environments, full of life and color, this combination may be perfect for you. If you want to have a feeling of freshness, you can choose blue as the main color and yellow to highlight some areas.

Ideally, you should not go overboard with the use of yellow because the result can be overwhelming if this is a small bathroom.


Some shades of green are perfect for bathroom decoration. The latest trend shows that moss green creates an organic feeling in the bathroom and if you choose to combine it with cream or white colors, your bathroom will provide a feeling of calm.

If you choose accessories such as plants and other decorative objects in silver, your bathroom will look modern without too much effort.

Some tips to make your bathroom a success

The bathroom is one of the busiest spaces in the home and because of the passage of time and the wear and tear caused by use, it is necessary for you to carry out the necessary maintenance tasks and renovations.

If you are thinking about renovating the bathroom, you should know that it is a complex job because you must consider many aspects.

  • Project planning: you must know the needs of those who live in the home and the reason why you decide to make a renovation. At this point you should also consider the budget;
  • Functional distribution: it is very important that you determine how to organize the space. You must design a functional bathroom and it has to adapt to the needs. At this point you must consider the necessary elements, accessories and distances between them, for example;
  • Materials: an important point is the materials. It is important that you choose materials that are resistant to humidity and cleaning products. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are the most chosen for this reason;
  • Lighting: it does not matter if your bathroom has good natural lighting; you must make sure that the artificial lighting works and is adequate. There are many alternatives for bathroom lights today so you can choose the one you like the most;
  • Storage: storage space is essential so that you can store everything necessary in the bathroom and that these things are not visible to all the people who pass by, such as combs, creams, paper, towels and others;
  • Suspended furniture: currently it is common to see bathroom furniture suspended, that is, in the air. In this way, you will see the space optimized and the hygiene and cleaning of the bathroom will be simpler. In addition, this significantly improves the aesthetics of the place;

Other details that you should consider when remodeling your bathroom are ventilation and safety. Finally, you must make sure that the aesthetic is coherent and harmonious and that it is faithful to your style and personality. Since the bathroom is one of the rooms where people spend a lot of time and it is important that you identify with it and that, you can stay there with the sensations that you have considered when thinking about the remodeling.