7 Tips to Save Money While Moving Across Country

If you are planning to move across the country, you must know that there are numerous ways to cut costs. For instance, you can rent a PODS long distance moving container for a budget-friendly move or watch out for exclusive discounts that come with renting these containers. So, before you spend your money buying packing boxes, tapes, and other moving materials, read the article below for some tips on how to move across the country on a budget.

Tip 1: Using Moving Containers:

Utilizing large containers such as PODS is a popular, budget-friendly option to move across the country. These containers come in various sizes to fit your unique needs and can be doubled as a storage space, giving you time to settle into your new home. Moreover, renting these containers is a cheaper alternative, and the best part is you can rent a container according to your needs. Moving containers mostly come in sizes 16 feet, perfect for a two-bedroom apartment, and 8 feet, suitable for studio apartments.

Tip 2: Cut Cost in the Moving Supplies:

Moving supplies may seem like a minor expense, but it quickly adds up as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape are costly. Therefore, you must get as creative as possible while packing your belongings. If you have a friend who has recently moved houses, you can ask them for used boxes and cartons. You can also visit a retail store to inquire about boxes they can hand out for free. Moreover, instead of buying bubble wrap, you can use sweaters and knitwear to wrap your glassware.

Tip 3: Plan a Sale:

Moving out is the best time to sell the things you don’t need in your new home. This way, you save on the cost and time required to pack your belongings and move across the country. Moreover, selling things you don’t need can help you raise funds for the moving expenses and downsize your luggage. Moving across the country is a hectic time; therefore, a garage or online sale can also help sell your belongings and pay for your expenses.

Tip 4: Move During the Off-Season:

The peak moving season is from May to September, when the cost of packers is very high. Hence, if you delay your move, you can capitalize on the low cost of moving during the off-season to save money. During the off-season, the prices are competitive, and you can easily plan your move even with a stringent budget.

Tip 5: Ask for Discounts:

You never know when you will find amazing discounts, so never hesitate to ask. Also, watch for the social media pages of the service providers you plan on hiring for amazing deals. Even a 1% discount will make a huge difference when calculating the overall cost of moving across the country.

Tip 6: Declutter Your Belongings:

Decluttering your belongings means that you have fewer items to transport, which in return reduces your moving cost. Moreover, it also means that you will need fewer packing materials such as tape, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes, reducing your overall moving cost.

Therefore, before you plan your move decluttering the belongings you no longer need is the best move. However, if you don’t want to sell your belongings, you can also keep them safely in a storage container and access them later to reduce the cost of moving.

Tips 7: Planning Ahead of Time:

Planning ahead of time also helps you save a lot of money while moving across the country. Last-minute arrangements often come with rush fees or higher rates, which can easily be avoided if you plan your moving at least a few months before the big day. Moreover, having a proper plan also helps you allocate specific budgets to different needs and allows you to stick to it. Overall, planning allows you to make informed decisions, take advantage of cost-saving opportunities, and streamline the moving process, which ultimately leads to reduced costs in overall moving expenses.

Save Money While Moving Across the Country:

Moving across the country is a hectic time for everyone, and let’s not forget about the expenses that come with this change. One of the best ways to cut moving costs is by renting a moving container that can also be used for storage. Moreover, looking for discounts and being creative with your packing supplies will also help you cut down on moving costs. Keep in mind the points mentioned above and strategically plan your move for a hassle-free change.