How To Buy a Timeshare Cheap

According to the American Resort Development Association, almost 10 million Americans own at least one timeshare property. Timeshares have turned into a great way for the people in this country to vacation.

If you would like to join them, you should consider buying a timeshare. When you buy a timeshare, you’ll give yourself regular access to a great vacation property that you and your family can use.

Before you purchase a timeshare, though, you should learn how to buy a timeshare cheap. You shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune just for the right to own a timeshare.

We’ve created a timeshare buying guide filled with timeshare buying tips that will help you purchase a timeshare for cheap. Continue reading to get some very useful timeshare buying advice.

Shop Around for a Timeshare That’ll Fit Into Your Budget

The ARDA reports that there are more than 1,500 timeshare resorts scattered throughout the U.S. There are also countless others located in countries all across the world.

This is worth noting because it shows why you shouldn’t simply try to buy the first timeshare you can find. You could very well end up spending more than you would like to on a timeshare if you take this approach.

Rather than picking out the first timeshare you can find and making an offer on it, you should shop around for timeshares that you know will fit into your budget. You should be able to do this right from the convenience of your own couch.

Just make sure that you take all applicable fees into account when you’re shopping for timeshares. The last thing that you want to do is fall in love with a timeshare that costs more than you might realize.

Offer to Buy a Timeshare From Someone You Know

Do you happen to know someone who owns a timeshare that they’re trying to sell? You might want to take full advantage of this when you’re in the market for one.

To be clear, you shouldn’t buy a timeshare from someone you know just because you want a timeshare and they happen to have one. This could lead to you buying a timeshare at a resort that you don’t actually like.

But if you do your homework on a timeshare that someone you know is selling and you love what you see, it could be a terrific option for you. You might be able to get a timeshare like this for cheap since you’ll be buying it from someone you know.

Poke Around On the Timeshare Resale Market

Although buying a timeshare is a great idea, there are just about always people who are trying to get rid of their timeshares for one reason or another. It has led to the development of a huge timeshare resale market.

When you want to buy a timeshare, you should make sure that you scour this timeshare resale market to see what’s available. People will often list timeshare properties for next to nothing when they aren’t able to secure a timeshare cancellation.

You shouldn’t be shy about shopping around on the resale market when you’re trying to figure out how to buy a timeshare cheap. You might be shocked to see just how cheap some of the timeshares that are available will be.

Join Social Media Groups About Timeshares

There are social media groups out there for just about everything these days. And yes, that includes timeshares!

If you belong to a social media site like Facebook, you should try to sign up for a few of these groups. They’ll sometimes feature people trying to buy, sell, or trade timeshares on them.

If nothing else, joining social media groups about timeshares will teach you the ins and outs of timeshares. You’ll be able to learn about what it’s really like to buy a timeshare and use it every year when you’re a part of a group that is dedicated to timeshare life.

Ask About Timeshares the Next Time You’re On a Trip

As we alluded to earlier, there are tons of timeshare resorts situated throughout the country at this time. As a result, it’s probably only a matter of time before you end up inadvertently staying at one while you’re on vacation.

If this ever happens, you might want to look into how much it would cost to invest in a timeshare at a particular resort. By doing this, you can discover what you would have to spend to score a timeshare there.

You should still make it your mission to shop around for timeshares elsewhere before you come to a final decision on where you’re going to buy one. But it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask about the timeshares that are available at a resort that you know you already like. 

Knowing How to Buy a Timeshare Cheap Is Important

If you’re going to buy a timeshare, you shouldn’t pay any more than you have to for it. The cheaper that you can get a timeshare for, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your vacations from now on.

Use the tips that we’ve provided here on how to buy a timeshare cheap to get a great deal on a timeshare. They should lead you down the right path as you set out to find the timeshare of your dreams.

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