How Long Does the Home Selling Process Take?

The process of selling a house is a lot more involved than simply putting a sign in your yard. It’s a true investment of time, energy, and effort, yet one that can pay off financially in the long run.

But how long does the home selling process take?

Keep reading to know some of the specifics involved!

List and Show

Homes for sale can be a lengthy and complex process that is typically determined by a variety of factors. Generally, a seller will list and show their home on the market and allow a period of time to receive offers.

The actual process can take anywhere from one month to multiple months. The timeline of the whole process really depends on the type of property, the particular market conditions, and the buyer’s ability to close the sale.

Accept an Offer

Once an offer has been accepted, the timeline from that point forward is typically shorter than the open market period. This time period usually lasts several weeks and involves the due diligence process and other administrative tasks that both buyers and sellers need to complete.

During this period, the title company will also produce the necessary paperwork for all parties involved. Although many variables can affect the speed process of selling a home, it is typically completed within a few months.

Home Inspection

The home inspection process can take 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the home and the availability of inspectors. The home inspection report should include a list of any working systems and appliances as well as any areas where repairs are needed.

The buyer can decide to negotiate for credit for repairs or for the seller to make the repairs prior to closing.

Counteroffer After Inspection

If the seller chooses a counteroffer, the buyer then must decide whether to accept, reject or submit another counter offer. This back-and-forth negotiation can repeat for several rounds and can take several days or even weeks.

It is important for either party involved to be patient and work towards a resolution that is in the best interest of both. It may take a collective effort from both parties to mutually agree upon a fair offer. Communication is key in order to reaching a successful agreement.


At closing, both parties will bring the necessary paperwork and fees that need to be completed. Once all of the paperwork is signed, the transfer of ownership is complete, and both parties will be legally bound to their contracts.

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Speed Up Your Home Selling Process Now

The home selling process takes an average of 6-8 weeks, depending on the situation. From deciding to list your house to signing the sale papers and closing the deal, it is a lengthy but rewarding process.

Contact a trusted real estate agent who can help guide you through the process and ensure a successful sale in a timely manner. Get started today!

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