Gate Repair: Common Issues and Solutions

The last thing you want is a jammed gate. Your gate gets constant use during the day, and with this continual strain, damage occurs to the hinges and latch.

To avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money on a bad fix, check out F&W Fence Co. Inc. homepage. You will learn how to solve gate problems and gain insight into what measures to take to avoid them. But first, here are some common gate repair issues and solutions.

Malfunctioning Gate Opener

The motor is essential to your gate because it makes the gate work. If your gate’s battery dies, it will not open or close properly. You must replace the battery as soon as possible to resume using your gate. It’s advisable to use the battery for 6-12 months and then replace it.

Metal Track Issues

The most common issue with metal tracks is when the track has become bent, twisted, or distorted. It happens if you don’t take proper care of your roller door or because of an accident.

If your metal track has become bent or distorted, it can be tough to correct it yourself; hire a professional to fix it. The track can also jam because of dirt or grease. Use a metal wire brush and remove any dirt or grease accumulated.

Electrical Issues

The gate’s electrical issues are age, wear, and faulty wiring or connections. In some cases, the cause of an electrical issue may not be apparent.

Repairing an electrical issue involves replacing old or worn parts such as springs, cables, and rollers. You may also need to replace broken circuit boards or sensors. However, replacing parts isn’t enough; you may need to hire a professional to rewire your garage door opener or replace the overhead electric wires leading into your home’s electrical panel.

Rust and Corrosion

Iron oxidation causes rust and corrosion, forming a reddish-brown coating on steel. Moisture accelerates corrosion; if your gate gets exposed to water or humidity, it may have some rusting issues.

If you have a problem with rust or corrosion on your gate, keep it dry; this will slow down the rate at which it corrodes. You can also use an anti-rust spray or paint on any areas with signs of rusting or corrosion to prevent further damage.

Misaligned Gate

The hinges of your gate may be gradually shifting. It causes the gate to misalign with the door frame and swing open or shut when you don’t want it to. To fix this is to ensure all hinges are level and evenly spaced.

If you’re still having trouble with your gate being out of alignment, it could be due to the spacing between the two hinges on either side of the gate. Adjust the distance between them by moving one hinge closer or farther away.

Worn Out or Broken Hinges

The gate hinge is the connection point between the door and the frame. It provides support and strength, but the hinge can wear down or break. The cause of worn out or damaged hinges is when the door gets opened many times.

Check your door’s hinges for damage to fix this problem. If there’s damage, replace the hinges with new ones. You can find replacement hinges at most hardware stores or online. Also, check your door’s frame for wear and cracks and replace them if necessary. Once you have done repairs, open and close your door several times to ensure everything works properly before closing it.

Cold Weather

Cold weather causes problems with your gate door because moisture in the air freezes on moving parts and causes them to stick together.

Cold weather can cause different problems with gate doors.

  • Freezing of the gate hinges – When temperatures drop below freezing, the moisture on the hinges freezes, causing the gate to become stiff and difficult to open or close. To solve this, use grease meant for cold weather.
  • Misalignment of the gate – Cold weather causes metal gates to contract, resulting in misalignment. You may need to readjust the hinges or realign the gate.
  • Damage to gate components – Extreme cold damages the gate opener, electrical wires, and sensors. To prevent damage, ensure you insulate components from the elements.

Gates serve various purposes for homeowners; they keep their kids in their yards, stop pets from wandering off and help deter crime. When your gate breaks down, it’s best to call professionals to repair it as soon as possible. Professional gate maintenance also helps maintain its longevity while helping you avoid frequent repairs.