Garage Makeover: Budget-Friendly Tips

Whether you wish to organize your garage space to serve multiple functions, or you need a petite sanctuary where you can keep all your precious belongings such as equipment, clothes, shoes, or outdoor amenities, your garage needs to look clutter-free and meticulous. Here are some practical but also rather inexpensive solutions that will help you with your storage makeover.

Opt for practical ceiling hooks

If you lack space at the first glance, before you do some grand makeover, you need to implement some practical and functional solutions that will help you get extra space. As the garage is mainly used for parking your car, there’s unfortunately little place left (for most garages) for bikes and tools. Get amazing hooks that you can mount to the ceiling and get the extra space you need. Ceiling-mounted hooks are great for hanging bicycles and even some gardening equipment such as the mower, plus they are affordable. Now, you can find rubber-coated hooks in any hardware store for about $3 each.

Re-purpose the walls

Don’t let your garage look shabby and unorganized, and work on some aesthetics to match your lifestyle. Unfinished and cold walls make the entire garage look pale, basic, and cold. Poor garage insulation could cause other problems such as humidity and flood, and we all wll know the consequences of those things. First, re-purpose the walls by learning how to insulate a garage and getting only quality insulating materials for a long-lasting effect. Next, wipe down the walls to remove the dirt and dust, and then paint the entire garage, preferably in bright white or off-beat white hue. One lucrative hack involves using spray paint instead the expensive version.

Reorganize the storage

Another frugal way to rejuvenate your garage is to sort out the storage. Besides the useful hooks previously mentioned, you can go for a space-saving foldable table or workbench that can be also mounted to the wall. Foldable tables can easily collapse when not in use giving you plenty of space to move around. Also, mount overhead shelves to place large boxes for unused items such as holiday decorations or clothing. This is another inexpensive and useful solution because you can find a wide range of ceiling-mounted storage units from $20 depending on the size and weight you wish to hold.

Incorporate various cabinets

Installing cabinets in your garage for additional storage represents a fantastic way to put away or hide various objects and tools, especially from kids. Installing cabinets and shelves would not only help you sort out things around the garage and store an abundance of stuff, but it also looks neat and clean. Cabinets adequately hide away things, and to make the most of your money try finding some used but functional ones, only make sure they are in the right form and size.

Upgrade the floors

Although it sounds like demanding work, upgrading garage floors is the fastest and easiest way to enliven your garage and make visible changes. Most garages have plain gray concrete floors which are cold and rough, plus not so appealing to the eye. The cheapest way to shed some light on your garage is to upgrade those gray floors with modular floor tiles or go for epoxy floor coating. This can be done as an easy DIY job, and even though epoxy coatings are a budget-friendly version, they could last up to 3 years and resist oil spills, and grease stains, and it’s easy to clean.

Choose functional doors

If you didn’t have the opportunity to choose your garage door when you bought the house, now there’s a chance to alter that. A garage door should be easy to open and close, it mustn’t have any gaps on the sides or underneath otherwise it would let in air and that leads to other problems. If you have more money to spare you can get a new door, but if you wish to stick to the budget, re-purpose the door by sealing all the cracks, changing the knobs and lock, and giving it a fresh coat of paint.

With these frugal but effective tips, you can transform your garage into an organized, functional, and lovely space.