Exploring Different Pool Shapes and Sizes for Varied Landscapes

Imagine a hot summer day, the sun blazing in a cloudless sky, and the gentle whisper of a breeze. Now, picture yourself diving into a swimming pool’s cool, refreshing waters, perfectly tailored to your landscape. This dream can be a reality with the right pool design. The choice of pool shape and size is pivotal in harmonizing with the various landscapes we call our backyards. Whether you own a sprawling lawn, a compact urban space, or an irregularly shaped garden, there’s a pool design waiting to transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis. In this blog post, we’ll explore the myriad of pool shapes and sizes suited for varied landscapes, ensuring your dream pool enhances your property and reflects your personal style and needs.

The Classic Rectangle

The rectangular pool is a timeless choice, ideal for traditional and contemporary landscapes. Its straight lines and symmetrical shape lend themselves well to formal, elegant gardens and complement the sleek, minimalist design often found in modern homes. A rectangular pool is aesthetically pleasing and practical, offering ample space for swimming laps and playing pool games. Expertise in designing such pools can be found with teams like Neave Pools, who can ensure that your pool meets your aesthetic desires and fits perfectly with your landscape.

The Lagoon or Freeform Pools

Freeform pools, often resembling a natural lagoon, are the go-to choice for landscapes with a more organic, natural aesthetic. These pools are designed with curves and irregular shapes, seamlessly fitting into landscapes featuring rock formations, waterfalls, or lush greenery. They offer a sense of escapism and are perfect for creating a backyard retreat.

The Compact Plunge Pool

Not all landscapes offer the luxury of space. For smaller yards, a plunge pool can be an excellent solution. These pools are typically small, and deep, and require minimal space, making them perfect for urban homes. They offer a relaxing spot and cooling off without dominating the limited outdoor area.

The Kidney-Shaped Pool

With its soft curves, the kidney-shaped pool is a versatile option that can adapt to various landscape styles. Its natural, unstructured form can complement a garden with many plants and trees, adding a whimsical touch. This shape is also ideal for incorporating a pool into an irregularly shaped yard, as it can be designed to fit snugly into unconventional spaces.

Custom Shapes for Unique Landscapes

Custom-shaped pools offer limitless possibilities for those with unique landscapes or specific design visions. Whether it’s a pool shaped like a guitar for the music enthusiast or a heart for the romantics, custom pools can be tailored to reflect personal interests, hobbies, and styles. These pools require a skilled design team to ensure that the final product is functional and reflects the homeowner’s personality. Going beyond mere aesthetics, custom pools can incorporate unique features like built-in seating, special lighting effects, or even integrated waterfalls to enhance the bespoke experience further. 

The design process often involves a detailed consultation to fully understand the client’s vision, ensuring that each pool element aligns with their lifestyle and preferences. This level of customization creates a stunning visual impact. It ensures that the pool becomes a cherished part of the home, an embodiment of the owner’s personality, and a central feature of family life and entertainment.


Your pool should be more than just a place to cool off; it should reflect your personal style and be a harmonious addition to your landscape. From the classic elegance of rectangular pools to the whimsical charm of freeform lagoons, and from the practicality of plunge pools to the uniqueness of custom designs, there’s a pool shape and size for every landscape. By carefully considering the layout of your outdoor space and your personal preferences, you can select a pool design that enhances your property and provides a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Remember, the perfect pool is not just about the shape and size; it’s about how it integrates with your lifestyle and landscape. So dive into the world of pool design, and create your backyard paradise.